No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2164

The First and Second Elder’s faces turned dark after they heard this. The Second Elder was so angry that the corners of his mouth twitched continuously as he narrowed his eyes. The First Elder did not hide his anger and glared at Elder Godfrey maliciously. He looked like he was about to rush forth and give Elder Godfrey a scolding. Elder Sayer, who sat behind the whole time, also looked terrible. He had a twisted expression on his face as he tightened his fists. Jackie was the Sayer family’s enemy. The stronger Jackie was, the more unfavorable the situation was for him.

At this moment, Oliver once again yelled out in pain. This time, his cries were much more intense as the pain seemed to have invaded his spine. “Ah! It hurts! Help me!”

Elder Sayer snapped out of his daze when he heard the cries. He immediately stood up from his seat and rushed toward the battle platform. He performed seals after seals with his hands and the seals rushed onto the guardian array like a meteor shower before merging with the guardian array.

Everybody only heard the clicking sound of the mechanism being activated and the guardian array was instantly removed. Elder Sayer’s feet had landed on the battle platform and he hurried toward Oliver. He stretched out his hand to help Oliver up before taking several pills from his storage space and feeding them to Oliver. He then checked Oliver’s pulse and his face instantly darkened after he checked Oliver’s wounds.

He instantly looked up and glared at Jackie hatefully. “You b*stard, how dare you do such a terrible thing. How can you do something like this by tearing up his soul?!” Elder Sayer was furious. The wounds on his body were fine but the wound that his soul suffered were much more difficult to recover compared to the wounds on his body. Apart from that, those wounds required the help of exceptionally expensive pills. From the looks of things, Oliver’s wound would require at least six months to recover.

Six months might be nothing to the elders but it was extremely precious to the disciples that were in their growth period. How could Elder Sayer not get angry when this could affect Oliver’s future.

There were no changes on Jackie’s face when he heard this. It did not matter to Jackie even if Elder Sayer died on the spot due to anger. He chuckled lightly and said calmly, “I don’t understand what Elder Sayer means by this. In a battle between two people, I will definitely do my best unless I really understand Senior Brother Oliver’s true strength! There’s always a possibility of getting wounded during a battle and it’s even more difficult to control one’s strength when the person is trying their best. Everybody saw that if I didn’t hold back when the two of us were performing our last attack, Senior Brother Oliver won’t be able to cry out in pain right now.”

Elder Sayer was so angry that his face blushed a crimson color. He stretched out his hand and pointed at Jackie as he spoke, “What a young man with a glib tongue. Since you can control your last attack, can’t you just directly disperse the attack! In that way, Oliver won’t get hurt.”

Jackie laughed out loud when he heard what Elder Sayer said. However, his laughter sounded cold as he glared coldly at Elder Sayer who was standing in front of him. How dare he say such a thing? Was he asking Jackie to disperse his attack so that Oliver could bounce back and they would end up in another life or death battle?

Jackie glared at Elder Sayer coldly. “Didn’t you see how Oliver attacked me? He was trying to kill me. Why can’t I attack him when he’s allowed to do that to me? I know that Oliver is a member of your Sayer family and you will definitely be on his side. However, you cannot support him blindly and forbid me from attacking him while allowing him to kill me!”


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