No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2163

A month ago, it took Jackie all that he had to defeat Wesley, but now, he effortlessly defeated Oliver. Although Wesley and Oliver were brothers, there was a world of difference between their powers. After all, Oliver joined the Dual Sovereign Pavilion a few years earlier than Wesley.

Then there was also the fact that Oliver was ranked eighth amongst the formal disciples while Wesley was not even in the top fifty of the informal disciples. It would take years before Wesley could even catch up to his big brother. That was why it was so shocking that Jackie was able to bridge the great gulf of power within a month!

“Jackie definitely hid his real power from us! There’s no way that he could have leveled up so much within a month!” said an informal disciple firmly.

“It must be so! After all, the gap in power between Oliver and Wesley is really too big. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. It was only a month ago that Jackie barely defeated Wesley, and now he defeated Oliver without even sweating much! This is not something that can be done within a month!” said the person next to him.

“In any case, Jackie is too strong! He’s so strong that I don’t even dare to dream about catching up to him! And he’s only at the intermediate stage of innate level whereas Oliver’s at the final stage of innate level!”

This sentence reminded them that Jackie had actually defeated someone who was one level higher than him. Gradually, they began to realize that there was definitely something extraordinary going on.

Not only were all the disciples shocked, but the elders on the round platform were also in disbelief. They could not believe what they had just witnessed.

The First Elder’s lips were trembling, and he glanced at the Second Elder. He immediately felt a little better when he saw that the usually impassive Second Elder was also trembling with shock.

The Second Elder exhaled deeply, turned to face Elder Godfrey, and scoffed. “I now know why you’re so insistent on having Jackie as your last disciple. His talent and strength indeed qualify him to be your last disciple. However, I do wonder why you never bother to tell us all in the first place.”

On the surface, the Second Elder’s words sounded like praises, but he was actually blaming Elder Godfrey for making a joke out of them.

Elder Godfrey arched his brow, the only change in his face. He was a little irked by the Second Elder’s words and wanted to brag a little to blow off some steam, but this was the first time he saw Jackie in battle too.

He was not much different from others; he went slack -jawed the moment he saw Jackie neutralize Oliver’s Light Blade Lore, and wound him with a single move. Although he knew Jackie was extraordinary, he did not expect him to be THIS extraordinary.

Elder Godfrey sighed. He knew that he could not let the others in on just how shocked he was. “Didn’t I tell you before that my last disciple has to be excellent in all aspects? Why would I choose Jackie if he did not meet the criteria?”


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