No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2162

The winner of the battle was obvious, but this result was unacceptable to everyone present. No one thought that Oliver would be defeated by Jackie. From the very beginning, everyone thought Oliver would be able to take down Jackie in one move or three at the most.

However, it turned out to be a long drawn-out battle. Oliver was still no match for Jackie even after casting his strongest attack. He had lost completely and was seriously injured.

He was still screaming and crying on the ground. It did not take much to imagine just how much pain he was in, for which martial artists would be willing to shed tears in front of others? One’s pride would never allow them to do such a thing.

“Jackie is just too strong! Can someone please enlighten me how he got this strong?” said someone in shock.

“I would like to know too! He would have no problem being ranked in the top five amongst the formal disciples!”

“No wonder he was so cocky before! Brother Oliver never stood a chance at all!”

Everyone’s evaluation of Jackie completely changed. Now it seemed like they were the clowns, not him!

Even till now, Jackie ignored them.

Wesley felt his legs turn into jelly and collapse to the ground. He stared helplessly at his big brother who was still rolling around in pain on the battle platform.

Out of everyone there, Wesley was the one who was most worked up. How could he remain calm when his own big brother was defeated by Jackie, who he had a grudge on since the day they knew each other’s existence.

His back was ramrod straight, but his expression was lost. Suddenly, he shook his head vigorously, as if wanting to wake himself up from this nightmare. “No, this is impossible! Absolutely impossible! How can Oliver lose to Jackie? I must be hallucinating! Yes, this must be a hallucination!”

His expression was frightening to look at. His face was ashen and pale at the same time as if he had just recovered from a serious illness. The man with the triangular eyes standing next to him was stunned speechless. He, too, nursed a grudge against Jackie. He thought by allying himself with Wesley, one day he would surely see Jackie meet a tragic end, but again and again, it was Jackie’s opponent who had tragic endings.

The man with the triangular eyes took a deep breath. At this time, he was not in the mood to comfort Wesley. His mouth twitched and said, “How is he so powerful? He wasn’t this powerful before!”

The rest of the informal disciples were shocked and did not know what to say as well. However, they were not as shocked as the formal disciples because they had prior knowledge of Jackie’s talent.

Still, it was a long time before they could compose themselves. It was impossible for Jackie to be this much stronger than he was previously. Could it be that he has been concealing his power all this time?


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