No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2160

The person’s voice was trembling with excitement. Everyone suddenly realized that Oliver had been changing the light blade’s attack angle ever so subtly so that Jackie would be pushed toward the edge of the battle platform

The battle platform was circular in shape, surrounded by array flags. After the array flag was activated, an energy shield was raised. This protective array method was known as the guardian array.

The guardian array was transparent, like a big bowl buckled upside down on the battle platform, protecting the entire platform. Nobody could get in or out once the guardian array was up.

In other words, Jackie’s back would be pressed against the guardian array once he was forced to the edge. All the disciples let out a long exhale after seeing this; finally, they would see some real action.

“I’ve gotta hand it to Brother Oliver. He managed to find a way to handle that slippery kid. I guess he has his battle experience to thank for that,” said a formal disciple in awe.

There was no way Jackie would be able to evade Oliver’s attack anymore once his back was pressed to the energy shield; not even if he could shrink himself. Then, he would have no choice but to face Oliver straight on.

“Haha, let’s see where he can hide this time!” Many of the disciples were so excited that their voices went hoarse with cheering, and their eyes were gleaming.

On the battle platform, Oliver smirked cruelly. ‘His footwork is good, I grant him that but I’m no fool! This ends now!’ With his wealth of battle experience, he had already come up with a countermeasure. It was just that it was better to take Jackie by surprise. Electricity crackled from his eyes, never once letting Jackie out of his sight as he kept on punching out hand seals.

Ten yards, five yards. In his heart, Oliver kept counting the distance between Jackie and the guardian array. “Three yards! Now!” he shouted suddenly.

A whooshing noise sounded as if a strong wind was blowing across the valley, Oliver’s hands once again made a series of magic seals, and streams of light bloomed with dazzling brilliance between his fingers.

“Die!” he roared. In an instant, the light became even more radiant as he kept ten light blades suspended in the air. These ten light blades were more dazzling than the ones before, and it was his strongest attack yet. Everyone had to avert their eyes to stop the stabbing pain in their eyes.

Oliver laughed coldly, and said, “There’s no way you can evade it this time! Die, you punk!” He was determined to punch out a few holes on Jackie’s body; this was the next best thing to breaking his limbs.

That way, he would be at least bed-bound for years, and his foundation might even be destroyed! A wide grin split on Oliver’s face at the thought of Jackie being bed-bound. His excitement was obvious from the shine in his eyes.

He pushed both of his hands forward, and the ten light blades slew toward Jackie, who had his back pressed against the guardian array. Jackie let out a sigh and knew that it was now or never. He flipped his hands and black rays of light flowed between his fingers. In an instant, ten Soul Swords floated on the palm of his hand.

In fact, the martial arts of the two belonged to long range attacks. They would have the upper hand as long as they kept a distance from their opponents. At this time, the distance between the two of them was just right, giving Jackie time to summon his skill. There was horrifying dark smoke swirling around the Soul Swords as if they had come up from the very depths of hell.


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