No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2159

“Dammit! Is that all you can do?” roared Oliver.

Jackie ignored him completely and put all his attention into avoiding all the incoming light blades. With every step he took, he became more and more proficient in the laws of space.

Oliver gritted his teeth with anger. Noel blinked, at a loss for words, and Brook, who was standing next to him, had his mouth and eyes wide open.

After a long while, Noel finally said, “Jackie must have thought that he could rely on this weird skill, but sooner or later, he would need to cast an attack for there to be a victory.”

Brook might not be strong, but he had gained a lot of knowledge and observed a lot of battles between formal disciples in his years there, so knew that Noel was right. “Brother Jackie would need to cast an immensely powerful attack to be able to defeat Oliver. If not, he wouldn’t be able to win just by dodging all the way.”

Elder Godfrey clenched his fists tightly under the robe. Although his face seemed calm, his heart was uneasy. His understanding of Jackie was limited to their encounter at Mount Beasts. He did not actually know the limit to Jackie’s power.

Seeing that Jackie had only been dodging the attacks, he started to doubt whether he had judged him wrongly, and this made him a little nonplussed. He would have yelled at Jackie to fight back if it were not inappropriate for him to do so.

The First Elder and Second Elder looked very happy. The two squinted their eyes and observed the battle with joy on their faces. Jackie was like a mouse scurrying around on the battle platform.

Oliver’s attacks were flamboyant. The dizzying light blades were shining brilliantly and attacking Jackie from all directions.

The Second Elder chuckled and said, “Oliver has grown a lot during this period but I bet he’s feeling frustrated at the moment. After all, Jackie just refuses to fight him head-on.”

The First Elder snorted coldly and shrugged. “It seems like Jackie only knows how to dodge. What’s the use of such a disciple? Doesn’t he know that offense is the best defense?”

The two elders were dripping with disdain. Everyone on the scene knew that they were secretly labeling Jackie as a deserter. Although the ability to escape was also important to a martial artist, it was not glorious after all.

“Hey look, Jackie is almost at the edge of the battle platform!” shouted bearded formal disciples with surprise.

Due to the airtight attack, Jackie could only gradually retreat toward the corner.

“Brother Oliver must have wanted to force him into the corner so that he would have nowhere to escape.”


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