No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2158

The spectators erupted in a cheer every time Jackie escaped the light blades. At first, everyone looked at him like he was crazy, but now they were actually impressed by him.

Although he had not used his martial skills, they could tell by the way he dodged Oliver’s attacks that he was indeed extraordinary. They had the self-awareness to know that they would not have fared as well if they were in his position.

“It’s really weird! He seems to be able to manipulate space. Could it be that the technique he’s cultivating has something to do with space or is it an attribute of the technique itself?”

“Who knows? I only know that he’s faster than me! Brother Oliver had already doubled his attack speed but still, he managed to dodge it by at least half a yard.”

“It’s no wonder that this kid was so rampant before. He really is quite capable, but even so, a battle could not be won by dodging. After all, there is a difference of one realm between them, making the amount of the true energy different too. This kid can dodge all he wants, but it’ll be over for him the moment his true energy runs out.”

Many people nodded silently at that. It was just as the person said, the difference between an intermediate stage of innate level and a final stage of innate level could not be overlooked. The depth of Oliver’s true energy was much stronger than that of Jackie. There would definitely come a time when Jackie ran out of true energy before Oliver.

The fight was getting boring, and some of the formal disciples started to complain, “It would take at least one to two hours for either of them to run out of true energy! Are they going to do anything else apart from attacking and dodging?”

They thought that they would be able to see Jackie suffer a crushing defeat. If not that, at least a fight from both sides. Anything would be better than a one-sided attack.

Some of the spectators stood on tiptoes and yelled toward the battle platform, “Hey you, Jackie right? Is that all you got? What happened to all that bravado you had? Stop dodging and fight, dammit!”

“Yeah! It’s boring to watch you scurry around like a mouse!”

All those heckling did not make Jackie angry at all. In fact, he could empathize with them. After all, what they said was true. The reason he kept on dodging was not that he was afraid of Oliver, but because he wanted to use this as an opportunity to have a better grasp on the laws of space. After absorbing the blood of the Ancient Eclipse Dragon, he had better control of space, but he lacked experience.

This battle was a good chance for him to practice. Oliver’s moves were much faster than any other formal disciples’, making this a rare opportunity indeed; he turned a deaf ear to all the spectators’ clamoring and focused on avoiding Oliver’s attacks.

Oliver was gritting his teeth. He was full of anger and had nowhere to vent. Thus far, Jackie had eluded all his attacks. What was worse was that, as time passed, Jackie seemed to be more and more adept at dodging his attacks.


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