No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2157

“I’m willing to bet that Oliver accepted the challenge with the expectation that he would be able to squash Jackie within a few moves. However, lo and behold, Jackie managed to dodge both of his attacks, so it is no wonder that he would hate him so much.”

This man’s explanation sounded reasonable, and everyone around him nodded. He was indeed right. Oliver’s hatred for Jackie was totally out of this world. He really thought that he would be able to end the battle with just one move; he did not expect Jackie to be this slippery.

Oliver sneered, and said, “Is that all you can do? You can dodge all you want but it will not change a thing! I was holding back just now so don’t even think that my speed is limited to this!”

Immediately, he shot out like a cannonball toward Jackie. The ball of light shone brilliantly in his hand, and with a few swishes, five-light blades flew out again, rushing toward Jackie with a murderous aura.

Jackie arched his brow then raised it. He knew that Oliver did not unleash his full power in the first two moves. Why would he when in his eyes, Jackie was no better than trash at the side of the road? As the saying goes-take not a musket to kill a butterfly.

“Oliver’s attack speed has doubled!” shouted someone.

Everyone’s eyes widened, trying to keep up with the light blades’ movement. The speed was indeed twice as fast as before. There was no way Jackie could dodge it this time!

Jackie blocked out all of the noise around him and fixed his eyes on the light blades. Then he exhaled gently, tipped his toe, and used the laws of space again.

With a loud bang, the light blades crashed against the ground, carving several deep pits on the platform. Jackie stood only a yard away from the deep pits, which was shorter than the distance he had pulled before. However, the most important thing was that he escaped again! He heaved a sigh of relief and gathered up all his focus.

Oliver’s face looked like he had eaten shit when he saw the same thing happening again. He had doubled his attack speed so how was it possible for Jackie to dodge it?! “You slippery piece of shit!” he said between gritted teeth. “Take this!”

He roared and punched out another series of hand seals, and countless dazzling light blades flew out from his hands. The overwhelming light shrouded the space between him and Jackie.

These light blades rushed toward Jackie like meteors. He took a deep breath, and his feet kept moving back with the laws of space, pulling him away from the light blades.

However, he did not use the laws of space perfectly every time. Once he wrongly took half, and a light blade instantly slashed against his cheeks. Fortunately, he managed to avoid most of the damage with his fast reaction.

Even so, his sideburns did not fare so well. His fallen hair was blown into the air by the strong wind brought by the light blade. With another swish, the fallen hair was chopped by another light blade and instantly burned to ashes by the hot energy mixed with the light blade.


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