No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2156

Brook covered his mouth, so scared that tears were about to fall. “Look out, Brother Jackie!” he shouted.

Suddenly, everyone saw Jackie’s footsteps shrank as if the space in front of him had been slightly distorted, and the light blades all collided to the ground.

Many people were stunned. They looked blankly at Oliver and Jackie, thinking ‘What just happened?’ One moment Jackie was about to lose his arms, but the next he was yards away from the blade.

“He just used the laws of space!” growled the Second Elder in a creepy, deep voice.

Not many disciples knew about it, but it was easy for the elders to recognize it when they saw it. Right then, all the elders had a surprised look on their faces.

Jackie did take a step back just now, but with the laws of space, this step was equal to more than ten yards. The few light blades thought that they had found their target, so they cut straight down, not expecting Jackie to be able to dodge them, and all their power slammed toward the ground.

At this moment, even Oliver was a little stunned. He stared at Jackie from behind the dazzling light, and blurted out, “How did you do it?”

Jackie was obviously unwilling to answer this question. Wesley had a sense of déjà vu. The same thing happened when he launched his strongest attack at Jackie. He was hundred percent positive his attack had closed in on Jackie, but then it seemed like a warp bubble occurred, allowing Jackie to pull the distance from the attack.

“Not this again!” roared Wesley furiously.

The informal disciples who had watched the battle between Jackie and Wesley knew what was happening. After all, Jackie had used this trick before, but compared to before, it seemed that he had more control over it this time.

Before, he was gasping for breath after using the same technique, but now he seemed relaxed as if it had not taken him much effort to use the technique. This was due to the Ancient Eclipse Dragon’s blood he absorbed. The Ancient Eclipse Dragon possessed an innate ability to control space.

With the light flowing in his palms, Oliver punched out another series of hand seals. Immediately, the light enveloping him converged, leaving only the dazzling ball of light on his hands. Now Oliver’s figure was once again revealed.

His eyebrows furrowed tightly, and he was looking daggers at Jackie, his hatred for him written clearly on his face.

The disciples started whispering amongst themselves again.

“Why do I get the feeling that Brother Oliver hates Jackie? It’s true that Jackie’s words can be scathing, but there’s no need to hate him to this extent right? Don’t you find all this a bit odd?”

The person standing next to him chuckled and said,” I would hate Jackie too if I were him. Think about it; Jackie is just an informal disciple, and what are informal disciples to us? Something worse than trash. In fact, we have always treated them as runner disciples instead of informal disciples.”


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