No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2155

One light blade after another suddenly flew out from the dazzling light. The speed of these light blades was extremely fast, like a meteor hitting the earth; their tails long as they rushed toward Jackie.

Jackie furrowed his brows and began to move speedily to avoid Light Blade Lore. However, he was not fast enough, and a light blade cut through his sleeves. This shocked him. The speed at which he was dodging was definitely not slow, but his sleeve was still ripped open by the light blade.

He looked down and saw that the location where it was cut off, there was a flame that went out every now and then. The light blade was not only extremely fast and powerful but flaming hot as well!

He successfully dodged the remaining light blades, and those fell to the ground. Even though the battle platform was made of special materials, several potholes still appeared where the light blades landed, which made the eyes of many, widen.

“I’ve gotta hand it to him! The premium red level martial art technique is so much stronger than an intermediate red level martial art technique,” said the formal disciples with awe.

“Yeah, I definitely would not be able to dodge the attack. That kid is really fast!”

“This kid wasn’t bluffing after all! He does have extraordinary speed. The Light Blade Lore has the advantage of attack speed, and most people wouldn’t be able to dodge it but that kid got away with just a ripped sleeve!”

A cold snort came from the dazzling light. “You’re fast, I’ll give you that.”

Oliver’s disdainful voice sounded in Jackie’s ears. He frowned and stared at his cut-off sleeves. He had underestimated Oliver’s power. Jackie knew that his speed was fast even without using the laws of space, and yet he could not avoid the attack. He was sure that he would have lost his arm if he was still at his initial stage of innate level.

“I have cultivated the Light Blade Lore to be faster than the ordinary premium red level martial art technique, and the move just now was just a test!” said Oliver.

He once again made a magic seal, and six light blades flew out from the dazzling strong light. The speed of these six light blades was faster than before, and the dazzling light made the spectator’s eyes hurt.

Three light blades attacked Jackie’s left side, and the other three attacked his right, flanking him from both sides, cutting off his escape path. Jackie furrowed his brow and exhaled lightly before moving back quickly.

The disciples were all surging with excitement.” Surely this kid can’t escape with three light blades on both sides.”

The light blade swished through the air at an incredibly fast speed, as it aimed for Jackie’s face. Although he retreated quickly, he was still too slow. Everyone’s eyes widened when they saw the blades closing in on his arms, and even some of them were imagining what his arms would look like after, all mangled and bloody.


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