No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2154

“Why do you think Gresham was so against Oliver joining? It’s all because he knew that Oliver was stronger than him.”

“You’re right. Even he doesn’t want to fight head-on with Oliver, where does Jackie get the idea that he can win against him?”

“All I can say is ignorance is bliss.”

The surrounding discussion was endless. The louder the conversation, the darker the faces of Noel and Brook became. The two of them were really worried about Jackie, but they dared not say anything at this time.

Jackie had a close relationship with the two of them, and everyone knew that they were friends. If the two of them said something at this time, they would immediately become the target of everyone’s attack.

The informal disciple was much quieter than those of the formal disciple because Jackie’s reputation was famous among his own peers, and they knew Jackie to be very talented.

After all, Jackie defeated Wesley as a newly recruited informal disciple. This was something most of them could not do. Even so, they did not think Jackie could beat Oliver. However, they did not wish to dwell on the matter.

Oliver stood on the westernmost side of the battle platform. The spring breeze blew on his robe. With his hands folded behind his back, Oliver looked like a prince. The only thing he lacked now was a folding fan.

Compared to his appearance of strolling leisurely in a courtyard, Jackie looked ordinary and plain. He just stood there quietly, without any movement or expression, as if the battle that was about to take place was just as normal as sitting down for lunch.

The more indifferent Jackie was, the more irritated Oliver became. “Boy, I am not someone who does things half-heartedly. Your previous behaviors have completely offended me. Although there are rules in place, I will make sure to find a way to make you feel the greatest pain in your life without breaking the rules!”

Everyone knew very well what he meant. Jackie would not be beaten to death, nor would he be disabled for life, but his limbs would be mercilessly broken. A broken leg would heal anyway, so it was not a permanent disability.

If this kind of threat fell on someone else, it would be able to scare that person to the point where their legs would turn into jelly, but Jackie’s expression remained impassive. “Are you done? Can we begin the battle now?”

Oliver’s face flushed with anger. “You *sshole! Looks like you’re in a hurry to die! Fine, I will fulfill your wish then!”

Immediately, he made several seals with both hands, and dazzling rays of light flowed between his fingers. In the next second, his whole person was dazzling like a sun, releasing light that could burn people’s eyes. Many people there had to squint their eyes.

“This is Oliver’s strongest martial art technique, Light Blade Lore. I remember the Light Blade Lore is a premium red level martial art technique!” shouted someone.

“It’s indeed a premium red level martial art technique. There are not many people here who can attain it. The main reason is that the martial arts of this level are too difficult to practice. Judging from the cultivation, he should be proficient, right?”

“I’m not sure about that. Oliver hasn’t been in a battle since the last ranking battle. I don’t know what cultivation level is his skill right now.”

The formal disciple’s discussions drifted into the ears of the informal disciples. Their mouths opened in surprise when they heard that Oliver was cultivating a premium red level martial art technique.

They were naturally aware of the difficulty of the cultivation of premium red-level martial art techniques. Some people had cultivated for several years and still could not reach a proficient cultivation level. No wonder he could be ranked eighth among the formal disciples!

A violent wind blew past as if there was a windstorm. Oliver was plunged into dazzling light, and people could not distinguish his figure.


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