No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2153

Upon hearing this, the spectators grew even more excited. No one in the audience thought that Jackie would win, but the amount was enough to make it worthwhile for them to watch the battle.

The one thousand contribution points were peanuts to the First Elder. What he really cared about most was Jackie giving up his last disciple position. This way, Elder Godfrey would have no choice but to choose another last disciple since it was Jackie who willingly gave up the position. Thinking of this instantly made the First Elder and Second Elder feel better.

They glanced meaningfully at Elder Godfrey as if to remind him that Jackie was the one who spoiled his own plan. Elder Godfrey’s expression was to look at but he remained silent while gazing sternly at Jackie.

His heart was beating wildly against his chest. He had not seen Jackie in battle before, but judging from the way the Thousand Leaves Pavilion informal disciples treated him at the Mount Beasts, and from the conversation they had, he could vaguely guess that Jackie was the one who got them out of trouble. Therefore, it would not be far-fetched to say that Jackie was someone of extraordinary caliber.

However, whether Jackie could win against Oliver was a whole other matter. He started praying in his heart, ‘You punk! You better not lose or else it would be bad news for the two of us!’

Jackie, of course, knew what the elders were plotting. Now that everything was finalized, he had nothing to worry about and immediately walked up to the battle platform.

Oliver was made a little speechless at what he thought was Jackie’s bravado. At first, he thought that Jackie was only bluffing, but looking at what he was doing now, Jackie clearly believed that he was stronger than him!

Oliver chuckled to himself. His eyes were full of irony. It would only make him look bad if he did not get up to the battle platform right now. He swished his robe and strode toward the battle platform at twice the speed of Jackie so that he would be the first one there.

It was all a little immature, but Jackie did not take it to heart. He did not care who got there first. In fact, nothing could ruffle his feathers, to be honest. Oliver chose the westernmost area of the battle platform, so Jackie chose the easternmost.

They stood facing each other, and even before the fight had begun, sparks were already flying around In the air. All the spectators’ eyes were wide with anticipation, not daring to blink in case they would miss something.

“I don’t know why but I’m really excited for the battle even though I know that Jackie is definitely no match for Brother Oliver. I’m so glad I took the time to come here! I’d hate to think of the regret I would feel if I missed this battle.”

“Yeah! Actually, I think he might have a little something to him. If not, he wouldn’t have acted so cockily. He might just really surprise us!”

“Even so, there’s no way he can win against someone who is ranked eighth amongst the formal disciples. Didn’t you see how Gresham was so against Oliver joining the battle for the last disciple?”


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