No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2152

Seven hundred contribution points?! Many were dumbfounded when they heard this. No one knew where this question would lead to.

Oliver’s lips twitched. Of course, he had seven hundred contribution points. He was a formal disciple after all. Coupled with the fact that he was strong, earning contributions points was not difficult for him. He had built up quite a sizable stash during his period there.

Oliver nodded coolly. “Of course, I do. Are you asking me to bet seven hundred contribution points? Do you even have that much? From what I know, you’ve only joined recently so you can’t possibly have that much.”

He deliberately raised his voice when he said all that. Everyone heard him loud and clear, and some of them were even nodding their heads in agreement. Generally speaking, both sides would need to put up a wager of equal value, and there was no way Jackie could come up with so many contribution points.

Therefore, it was to their shock that he said, “I never once said that my wager will be contribution points.”

Oliver scoffed, and asked, “What else can you put up except for contribution points? Don’t tell me you have some item of equal value!”

The mockery in his eyes was evident. However, Jackie did not take the bait and remained calm. “Of course, I have something of equal value. It’s worth even more than the seven hundred contribution points.”

Everyone looked curiously at Jackie, wondering what it could be.

“I’ll put the last disciple position as my wager!” said Jackie.

Everyone’s eyes widened in an instant. What did he mean he would put his last disciple position as his wager?

Oliver frowned, and said, “What do you mean? How can you put up your last disciple position as a wager?”

Elder Godfrey’s expression changed as soon as he heard Jackie’s wager. If it was not for the occasion they were in right now, he would have rushed down and scolded Jackie to a puddle.

Jackie did not really care about other people’s opinions. “If I lose, I will give up my position as Elder Godfrey’s last disciple. The fact that I lost means that I’m not qualified to be his last disciple.”

Oliver’s expression altered slightly. He did not even have the time to say anything before the First Elder cut in, “That settles it then! Oliver’s wager will be seven hundred contribution points! I can even throw In another three hundred contribution points if you don’t think that’s enough!”

The First Elder was worried that Jackie would regret his decision so he wanted to set everything in stone as soon as possible. A hint of joy flashed across Jackie’s face when he heard that the First Elder was willing to bump up the wager to a total of one thousand contribution points.

“First Elder, do I have your word on that?” asked Jackie seriously.

The First Elder nodded solemnly, and said casually, Of course. You have my word as the First Elder of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion. Oliver will put up seven hundred contribution points and I will put up three hundred contribution points, making it a total of one thousand contribution points. This amount of points should get you quite a lot of things.”

According to the rules, no one could put up a wager o f more than one hundred and fifty contribution points, but it was obvious that this was a special circumstance and that rule did not apply.


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