No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2151

Oliver’s face turned beet red; his hand started to tremble on their own as if wanting to strangle Jackie.

Wesley was so angry that he was at the risk of having a seizure. “You asshole! You’re just wasting everyone’s time with all this talk of wager! As if you’re ever going to win against my brother!”

Jackie arched his brow. How annoying could Wesley get? Jackie had endured his nonsense for long enough! He turned to face him and said, “This has nothing to do with you, so can you just shut up? The sound of your voice really irks me!”

After saying this, Jackie raised his head and looked at Elder Godfrey; he motioned to Elder Godfrey with his eyes. Elder Godfrey raised his eyebrows. He naturally understood what Jackie meant; the threat in his eyes was obvious enough. It seemed that if he did not speak out soon enough, Jackie would quit, so he sighed with resignation.

He stepped forward and said to Wesley, “Jackie is right. This matter has nothing to do with you. You should stay in your lane and not meddle in this matter. I’m starting to wonder if your parents taught you any manners.”

Elder Sayer’s face darkened instantly. Although he was not Wesley’s parent, they were still related to each other. Elder Godfrey’s remark was undoubtedly the face of the Sayer family. He was about to say something when the look on First Elder’s face stopped him. He had always obeyed his order, and this time would not be any different. Lips twitching, he had no choice but to swallow back his anger.

Wesley’s face was flushed red, but he dared not say anything after being reprimanded so fiercely by Elder Godfrey. Oliver stared coldly at Jackie, his hatred for him bore deep into his bones; their relationship had successfully proceeded to the point of arch nemesis.

Oliver laughed icily, and then said, “Fine, we’ll have It your way. There’s no excuse for you to back out of the battle now that I’ve agreed to put up a wager.”

Since Oliver had agreed to it himself, the First Elder and Second Elder also readily agreed. “In that case, let me be the referee,” said the Second Elder. He was actually looking forward to seeing what tricks Jackie had up his sleeves.

Jackie nodded. The position of a referee was originally held by the top brass, and the Second Elder naturally qualified to hold this position.

Oliver did not want to delay any longer, and said with a cold face, “What kind of wager do you want to bet on?”

Jackie thought about this for a while before saying, “Do you have seven hundred contribution points on you?”


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