No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2150

Wesley guffawed with laughter. He then puffed up his chest, and said, “That would teach him not to mess with my brother! He not only looked down on us but every one of the formal disciples as well!”

Brook pulled on Noel’s sleeves, and whispered into his ear, “Why would Brother Jackie ever agree to a battle? I thought…”

Noel did not wait for him to finish. “Didn’t you hear what Jackie said just now? He was the one who brought up the idea. He would not have done that if he wasn’t sure of himself,” said Noel impatiently.

Brook was speechless. He scrunched up his face and glanced at Noel. “I thought he was only trying to rile up Oliver. Maybe he didn’t expect that the First Elder and Second Elder would give him the green light.”

Noel sighed with resignation, and muttered to himself, “Seems like you really don’t know Jackie that well. I should just save my breath and stop here. It’s not as if I know for sure what’s going through his mind. The only thing to do now is to wait for the result.”

Fortunately, the second round platform in the gathering spot for roll call was a designated battle platform for the disciples. The flags placed there acted as a barrier, preventing the errant attacks from leaving the area. The battle platform there was bigger than the battle platform in the wager battle arena, so there was plenty of space for them to fight It out to their hearts’ content.

Jackie glanced at the battle platform, and suddenly asked the elders, “I haven’t completed my wager battle for this month so may I count this as a wager battle?”

Many of them were taken aback. ‘Really? That’s his priority right now?’ It looked like Jackie would not shed a tear until he had seen a coffin.

“Yes, you may. This battle would go toward your monthly wager battle!” said the First Elder. He would agree to any of his requests just so that Oliver could teach this cocky kid a lesson.

Jackie nodded, and sincerely looked up at all the elders on the first round platform. “If that’s the case, we should each put up our wager beforehand. Also, it would be best if there’s a referee.”

Everyone snorted in laughter, amused to no end at his naivety; as if he had any chance of winning at all.

The First Elder’s lips began to twitch. Now Jackie was really pushing it. Under normal circumstances, he would not even bother with him. In fact, he might even secretly arrange for someone to beat him up in hopes that he would wake up from whatever la-la land he was in. He glanced coldly at Elder Godfrey. This was all his fault! Why did he have to choose this oddball to be his last disciple?

Oliver was red in the face with anger. The way Jackie was acting was as if he was sure he would win. This was adding one humiliation after another on top of him! His mouth twitched as he said, “You piece of shit! Don’t you think that asking for a wager and a referee is really pushing it?”

Jackie was puzzled by his reaction. He turned to face Oliver, and in all seriousness said, “On the contrary, I think it’s a perfectly reasonable request. It only makes sense to put up a wager for a wager battle. If not, it’s not a wager battle at all! It’s not like I have too much time on my hand to simply pick a fight with anyone.”


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