No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2149

No one believed him at all. There was no way they were just acquaintances. Their relationship must be deeper than that. Still, they could not say for sure how they came to know each other.

“Well, that’s a very unique way of choosing your last disciple. I guess that would explain why the candidate you have chosen is a little…unique too. In any case, you might think that you’ve made the right choice, but don’t you think he’s a little too confident for his own good?”

Elder Godfrey just blinked innocently at him and said nothing. The First Elder laughed coldly. He would have used a few choices of words to him if it were not for the fact that they had an audience before them.

Instead, he turned around, and said to Jackie, “You say you’re stronger than Oliver eh? Well, why don’t you prove yourself? The battle platform is right in front of you! One fight and we’ll know who’s stronger!”

A dangerous glint flashed through Oliver’s eyes.” First Elder is right! You and me, the battle platform now!”

Oliver’s smile became more presumptuous. His eyes were fixed on Jackie as if telling him that he would soon be dead meat.

“Yes, First Elder is right! Step on the battle platform and prove that you’re stronger than Oliver!” said the Second Elder. It was a rare instance that he was on the same wavelength with the First Elder.

To him, Jackie’s arrogance came from inexperience. He guessed that Jackie had not even seen a battle between formal disciples before so he did not know how strong they could be, thinking that the gap between formal and informal disciples was minuscule. Even Calvert, who was ranked 58th, and Gresham, who was ranked 63rd, amongst the formal disciples would not dare to challenge Oliver.

At this thought, the Second Elder started cackling in his heart. The more he thought about it, the more certain he was that Jackie was just a fool who did not know where his own limits were.

Jackie nodded his head earnestly, agreeing to the battle. Seeing this, the clamor of the crowd began to die down until it was completely silent. However, that silence was short-lived.

“Yup, he’s cuckoo alright. He must have thought that the First Elder and Second Elder believed his words!”

“I’m willing to bet that he won’t last even a minute! Let’s see if he can still be this cocky when he’s half dead!”

Wesley was clutching his stomach so hard, trying to keep his laughter in. He assumed wrongly-that Jackie must have got his confidence from the fact that he had beaten him before so now Jackie thought that he could beat Oliver too. He could not wait to see how his brother would beat the crap out of Jackie.

“I can’t believe this rascal agreed to a battle! Knowing Brother Oliver, he would make sure that Jackie is carried off in a stretcher after the battle for how he had humiliated him! Why even his own mother would not recognize him after Brother Oliver is done with him!” said the man with the triangular eyes excitedly.


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