No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2148

This made the sound of laughter even louder.

“Did you forget to pay your brain bill? Careful, you don’t want to be crippled by Brother Oliver in a battle! Haha!”

“Hello, Earth to Jackie! It’s time to wake up now. Don’t you know that the person standing next to you is Brother Oliver, who’s ranked eighth amongst all the formal disciples? even we’re no match for him, what makes you think you can defeat him? I really do wonder where you get your guts from!”

The elders on the round platform were silent as they watched everything unfold below them. The way the Second Elder was looking at Jackie had changed. He was now more sure than ever that Elder Godfrey was not right in the head for choosing Jackie.

“Your choice for the last disciple is certainly very interesting, Eleventh Elder. It seems like he’s really adamant that he’s stronger than Oliver. I wonder where he gets his courage to issue a challenge with a disciple who’s ranked eighth amongst all his peers,” said the Second Elder with a smile.

Elder Godfrey ignored him and continued to observe Jackie. What Jackie said was truly outrageous in the ears of others, and many people felt that he should get his brain checked out, otherwise how could he spout such conceited nonsense? An informal disciple against a top ten formal disciple? Ha! Anyone would have assumed that Jackie was bluffing. Anyone, except for Elder Godfrey.

Jackie must have felt his gaze as he lifted his head slightly to look at him. Jackie gave him a curt nod and said nothing

Elder Godfrey let out a deep exhale, and said, “I think we should let them battle it out. Oliver’s talent Is undeniable but that doesn’t mean that Jackie cannot beat him.”

The Second Elder thought he had heard wrong. “You really trust him that much huh? I’m starting to wonder if you guys are best friends.”

He glanced meaningfully at Elder Godfrey before putting his attention back on Jackie. All sorts of thoughts began to course through his mind as to how Elder Godfrey and Jackie knew each other.

The men he had sent to spy on Elder Godfrey had never mentioned any disciple who was close to him, and yet, he was sure that Elder Godfrey would never pick a name out of thin air just like that. Jackie must have been someone special to him for him to choose

Him as his last disciple.

The Second Elder did not know anything about Jackie at all. Why would he when there were three thousand informal disciples in the sect? Besides, a measly cannon fodder was not worth his time.

Elder Godfrey chuckled softly, and said dismissively, “To be honest, we’re just acquaintances and it was pure chance that I met him, but I’ve always been a good judge of people.”


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