No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2146

“Did you forget to take your medicine today? You’re digging your own grave here! How dare you spout all this nonsense? There should be a limit to how ignorant one can be!”

The other disciples kept the worst insults to themselves as the elders were present, but there was no guarantee that they could keep it that way if Jackie continued on like that. Jackie was being too outrageous! How could he look down on the formal disciples? On Oliver, who was ranked eighth amongst them all?!

Even them, the formal disciples did not dare to look down on Oliver, for ninety percent of the formal disciples there had lost to Oliver before! Why that cocky little Jackie! They gritted their teeth, imagining his flesh between them right now.

Oliver laughed coldly. The way he was looking at Jackie now was as if he was nothing but a clown who would not amount to anything. “I’ve gotta say you’re the most arrogant person I’ve ever had the displeasure of coming across.”

Jackie pretended he did not hear his scathing remark, and instead asked, “You said that I didn’t have the qualifications to become Elder Godfrey’s last disciple. Then, may I ask, what qualifications does one need to have?”

Oliver narrowed his eyes, and said coldly,” Excellence in all aspects!”

“Then do you think you are qualified? More than me?” asked Jackie.

Oliver was confused by this. His smile froze, and it took him five seconds to snap out of it. The corners of his mouth were slightly twitching and he was looking at Jackie like he was a fool.

“What do you mean? Of course, I’m more qualified than you! I’m stronger than you in all aspects! Are you saying that I’m not?” If it was anyone else, Oliver might not be so confident or be so direct, but I in front of him was a measly newly recruited informal disciple who had no right to even be standing on the same platform as him. There was no need for him to ‘hold back. He was at least a hundred times stronger than Jackie.

Jackie smiled enigmatically at Oliver’s answer. One look and all the disciples present knew that Jackie did not agree with Oliver’s evaluation of him. This caused another round of uproar.

“He must be a few screws short to think that he’s stronger than Brother Oliver!”

“He must have been dropped on the head when he was young! We should not try to brain him. It was outrageous enough for him to say all that he had and now this?!”

The formal disciples did not bother to keep their voices low; both Noel and Brook’s expressions changed when they heard all these. They knew Jackie was not the type to bluff so if he said he could do it, then he could do it. The two of them glanced at each other and they could tell that each of them was feeling fifty percent certainty and fifty percent doubt.


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