No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2144

The Second Elder scoffed lightly and turned his attention to Jackie. He scoffed again when he saw Jackie’s uninterested look.

“Jackie, right?”

The corners of Jackie’s lips twitched. What he had feared was happening. He really did not want to be caught in the middle of their power struggles. He was still a disciple of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion after all and these elders could make his life very hard if he was made a pawn.

He nodded robotically, and said, “Yes, Second Elder, that is indeed my name.”

“You don’t seem to be very happy being chosen as the last disciple of the Eleventh Elder,” commented the Second Elder evenly.

Jackie arched his eyebrow. Judging from what the Second Elder said, he knew for sure that it would not be easy to handle him. In fact, he might be setting him up to fall at this very moment. Fortunately, he had handled situations far worse than this.

Jackie bowed a little, and said calmly, “I was taught by my father to be calm under all circumstances.”

Oliver, who was standing next to him, felt that this was a jibe at him. He glared at him and shouted,” How dare you speak so disrespectfully toward the elders?!”

Jackie was a little taken aback by this. ‘What was wrong with what I just said?’

The corners of the Second Elder’s lips curled up. The fact that he remained silent meant that he agreed with Wesley that Jackie had indeed behaved disrespectfully.

Jackie was irked by this. Whatever I do or say will be wrong in their eyes now that I’ve become the enemy. If that’s the case, I might as well do whatever I want!’

He cleared his throat lightly, and calmly said,” Brother Oliver, it won’t do you well to keep a grudge against me. Please tell me, what is so wrong with what I said? Maybe you can enlighten me on the correct way to reply to the Second Elder.”

Wesley narrowed his eyes and scoffed. How dare a low-life like him, throw him the hot potato? While it was true he was the one who started the whole thing, in his world, he alone reserved the right to cause troubles for others.

“You said I hold a grudge against you? What a joke! Why would I hold a grudge against you? I’m just worried that the Eleventh Elder had been misled by you, for how else could you explain why a mere informal disciple like you would be chosen to be the last disciple?”

At this moment, even Calvert and Gresham were glancing sideways at them. They had remained silent all this while but it was obvious they did not hold a favorable view toward Jackie too. How could they when this guy from out-of-nowhere had snatched their chances of being the last disciple from right under their noses?

Jackie regarded the three of them coldly while cursing Elder Godfrey in his heart. This was a disaster. He never thought that Elder Godfrey would choose him to be his last disciple. He could not help but look at the elders on the round platform and found that Elder Godfrey was staring at him with encouragement in his eyes.


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