No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2143

For this reason, many disciples were unwilling to treat the cannon fodders as ‘brothers and sisters’. It was not hard to imagine their anger when they found out that Jackie was not only an informal disciple but an informal disciple from the batch of cannon fodders!

Internal criticisms about the Eleventh Elder’s rash behavior abounded. Was he joking? How could he choose trash like Jackie as his last disciple? What does that say about the rest of them?

Many people could not suppress the anger in their hearts and began to mumble wildly.

“What was the Eleventh Elder thinking? Why would he choose trash like that when he could have his pick at any of those excellent formal disciples in front of him?”

“I bet he never wanted a last disciple at all so he is using this to get away with it!”

“Choosing a last disciple is no small matter. Even if the Eleventh Elder didn’t come in contact with us much doesn’t mean he should joke about something like this. Maybe he has his reasons, but I can’t for the life of me think of what they could be!”

The formal disciples were looking at Jackie like he was a pile of shit, and he could clearly hear all the comments from their mouths. He arched his brow and said nothing. In fact, he never once looked at the Third Elder on the round platform and was acting like this whole thing had nothing to do with him.

Wesley was overjoyed. His plan had worked! He had turned everyone against Jackie. Just a little more push and Elder Godfrey would definitely rescind his choice, and choose his brother to be his last disciple. Some of the spectators did not bother to keep their voice low so some of the comments drifted into the First Elder and the Second Elders’ ear.

The Second Elder was looking meaningfully at Elder Godfrey with his eyebrow arched. He chuckled, and said, “You heard it yourself, Eleventh Elder, Jackie is a newly recruited informal disciple and you as an elder, should know what that means. Why I’m willing to bet that he’s not even all that strong. I advise you to reconsider your choice. After all, in one way or another, your last disciple represents you, so wouldn’t you want someone that can make you Proud?”

The First Elder looked like he was about to burst with all the words he wanted to say, but his pride stopped him. He just kept his mouth shut tight, and looked meaningfully at Elder Godfrey.

Elder Godfrey scoffed lightly and was not affected by the Second Elder’s words. “Thank you for your concern. I’ll keep what you said in mind, but I remain firm with my choice. I get to choose who gets to be my last disciple.”

The Second Elder narrowed his eyes sinisterly. So the good cop act doesn’t work on him eh? Maybe I need to use the bad cop act. But, why is he so persistent in making this trash, his last disciple? Is he trying to resist our efforts and go against me and the First Elder?’


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