No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2142

The First Elder’s chest tightened and his fingers trembled. He snorted with a hint of unkindness, and said, “I thought you wanted to choose the best formal disciple!”

He emphasized the words ‘formal disciple’ to remind Elder Godfrey that in the history of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, all the last disciples had been selected from formal disciples.

“I’ll choose whoever I find the most pleasing as my last disciple,” said Elder Godfrey evenly with a smile.

At this time, even the Second Elder felt a little uncomfortable. He glanced sideways at Elder Godfrey, and said, “Alright, haha very funny. You got us. It’s time to stop joking around and get down to business.”

It was obvious the Second Elder did not agree with Elder Godfrey’s choice as well from the way he was putting all this down as a joke. Elder Godfrey scoffed internally when he heard that. Normally, he would not bother to reply as he was certain that the Second Elder knew that he was not joking from all the time he had spent with the Elders.

In fact, he had no doubt that the Second Elder wanted him to rescind his choice so that his own disciples would still have a chance to be in the running for the last disciple. Well, that was not going to happen. He had always taken a neutral stance in the fight between the First and Second Elder, and he planned to keep it that way even though he knew that they would not let him go that easily.

Elder Godfrey sighed and ignored them. He turned to the disciples in the spectator platform, and in a clear voice said, “Jackie will be my only last disciple. That is my limit.”

The muscles of the Second Elder’s face twitched slightly, as he tried to suppress the annoyance in his heart. “Eleventh Elder, instead of immersing yourself in training, you should have schooled yourself on the rules of Dual Sovereign Pavilion, but regardless, I will tell you how it works today. Everyone knows that the elder’s last disciple is actually an elder disciple. Since it is an elder disciple, it must be chosen from the group of formal disciples. If I am not mistaken, Jackie seems to be an informal disciple.”

Elder Godfrey’s expression darkened.

Wesley was relieved to hear what the Second Elder said. Suddenly, he pushed the disciple in front of him away and dashed madly to the forefront of the line of informal disciples. Under normal circumstances, he would not dare to behave like this, but he had no time for such concerns now.

He knelt down with a plop, and said loudly, “Jackie is indeed an informal disciple, and he has not entered the Dual Sovereign through formal screening methods! In fact, he had not even joined for that long!”

Upon hearing this, the spectators started to whisper amongst themselves. Those formal disciples and chosen disciples who did not know the whole story looked at Jackie with haughty eyes, as everyone knows that the last two batches of informal disciples were only meant to be cannon fodder. These two batches of informal disciples only had to light up three obsidian lights to be accepted whereas they had to undergo so many different tests just to get their foot across the door. Hence, the holier-than thou attitude.


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