No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2141

Wesley took a deep breath. The corner of his mouth never stopped twitching.

“This can’t be real. Absolutely not! Why would Elder Godfrey choose him?” he said hoarsely. He took another deep breath, and without warning, slapped the man with the triangular eyes violently on the face.

The crisp sound attracted the attention of the people around them. Holding his face, the man with the triangular eyes was taken aback, but he dared not utter a word of anger. . He knew that he was punished for what he had said just now.

At this moment, Jackie was not in the mood to deal with Wesley. He understood the benefits that would come with being the last disciple; after all, that was the reason why so many disciples covet the spot, but those benefits did not hold much attraction to him.

He held the memory of his predecessor’s great ability, therefore, he did not need any elder to teach him anything. Moreover, he was full of secrets, and being in close contact with Elder Godfrey would put him at risk of his secrets being found out. The loss would outweigh the gains if that were to really happen. Besides, he did not really want to be pushed t o the cusp of a social struggle.

However, judging by Elder Godfrey’s steadfast eyes and naked finger pointing at him, he did not have a choice in this matter. It would not do him well to make Elder Godfrey lose face in front of so many people.

The informal disciples near him were staring at him with shocked eyes and had unconsciously parted to make a path for him. He took a deep breath and began taking one heavy step after another. He glanced back at Noel and Brook, who was still staring at him with disbelief. He did not say anything to them but continued making his way to the second round platform.

The gathering spot for roll call was divided into three areas-three round platforms and the square underneath them. The first round platform was used only for the elders to announce important matters. The second round platform was a large battle platform surrounded by flags and a venue for a duel between disciples. This platform was where Oliver and the other two were standing. Elder Godfrey waved at him, signaling him to stand with the three formal disciples. No matter how unwilling Jackie was, he could only bite the bullet and get on with it.

Only then did the First Elder and the Second Elder react. They had gone through extra lengths to make sure that the disciple they had in mind would get chosen to be Elder Godfrey’s last disciple. Hell, they even argued in front of the spectators. This fact alone had caused no end to their embarrassment, and for what? For an informal disciple whose existence they did not even know of to be chosen as his last disciple?

The First Elder’s face was black as thunder. “What is the meaning of this, Eleventh Elder? Who is this kid? Why did you choose him to be your last disciple?”

Elder Godfrey arched his brow and calmly said,” Because he is excellent in every aspect. Have you forgotten the requirements to be my last disciple? And Jackie just so happens to fit that profile so, of course, I would choose him.”


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