No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2140

He even wondered if there was also a Jackie amongst the formal disciples, but he dismissed this thought as soon as it popped into his mind. After all, he knew Elder Godfrey’s secret. Even so, he did not expect that he would be put in the spotlight when he had come as a spectator.

Noel and Brook were struck dumb. The two stood on the spot in a daze and there was disbelief written all over their faces as if they had just been told that they had won the lottery.

Noel turned his head and saw Jackie with the same expression as he did. “The Eleventh Elder just chose you as the last disciple…”

Noel’s voice was a little hoarse, while Brook was so shocked that he could not utter a single word at all.

Wesley started glitching. He thought that it was all a mistake when the Eleventh Elder announced Jackie’s name the first time but when he repeated it the second time, emphasizing on Jackie’s name no less, Wesley’s mind started to experience a tidal wave of emotions.

“No, it can’t be him! What gives him the right to be the Eleventh Elder’s last disciple? He didn’t even come here by formal means in the first place. He is not qualified to be the last disciple of the Eleventh Elder!”

Wesley insisted on sticking to the narrative he knows well about Jackie. If it was before, everyone might have believed him. After all, the informal disciples were all rubbish, but Jackie had proven himself to be a cut above the rest when he defeated Wesley.

“It’s definitely not him. He is just an informal disciple. Which elder in his right mind would choose an informal disciple to be his last disciple. He doesn’t have the qualifications, nor the network to know the Eleventh Elder at all!” said the man with the triangular eyes firmly.

Wesley was greatly relieved to hear those words and could not agree more with the man with the triangular eyes. There must be a person with the exact same name as Jackie amongst the formal disciples. There was no way in a billion years that it was the Jackie he knew.

However, Elder Godfrey suddenly took a step forward and fixed his gaze on the group of informal disciples. His eyes were full of calmness. He pointed at Jackie and said, “What are you still standing there for?!”

Now there was no way Jackie could deceive himself or others because Elder Godfrey had pointed directly at him. The corners of his mouth twitched, and his complexion turned pale whereas both Wesley and the man with the triangular eyes’ turned dark.

It was really the Jackie that they despise so much!

Wesley immediately felt that he could not breathe, and his eyes turned bloodshot; he gritted his teeth angrily, wishing to die on the spot. He would accept anyone but him! He still remembered that he had bragged to anyone within earshot that his brother would be Elder Godfrey’s last disciple. Then his brother would go further than anyone under the elder’s grooming

What happened was totally out of his expectation. It was like a slap to his face that Jackie was chosen to be Elder Godfrey’s last disciple.


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