No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2139

The First Elder and the Second Elder shut up in an instant. Elder Godfrey was right. They could quarrel with each other until their mouths ran dry and still had no say in who the last disciple would be.

Elder Godfrey’s eyes remained facing the audience.” As to who my last disciple will be, I already have someone in mind. I have said before that my last disciple has to be excellent in all the ways I find important.”

Jackie arched his brow. Noel had analyzed and explained this sentence to him before. He thought that Elder Godfrey meant to say that his closed disciples must be excellent in all aspects. With this in mind, his gaze fell on Oliver and the other two, who were handsome, talented, and came from prominent backgrounds. Faultless, in every way.

Just as he was thinking about it, Elder Godfrey’s voice rang loudly in everyone’s ears. “There’s no need for the three of them to battle each other. I already have a candidate in mind.”

Everyone’s body stiffened. One by one, they turned their scorching gaze on Elder Godfrey. The most anxious people there were the First Elder and the Second Elder because both of them knew very well in their hearts that whichever disciple he chose, the power behind that disciple would break the delicate balance between them.

The First Elder’s lips were pulled into a thin line, and his eyes were fixed firmly on the Elder Godfrey. Even the Second Elder, who had been calm and relaxed, looked at the Elder Godfrey with a solemn expression.

Elder Godfrey exhaled deeply, and said, “I choose…” These two words made everyone hold their breath and perked up their ears. “Jackie as my last disciple!”

As soon as the words came out, everyone fell silent; only the sounds of heavy breathing and heartbeats could be heard. Everyone started to wonder if there was a problem with their hearing.

“What did the Eleventh Elder say? Who did he say he has chosen as his last disciple? Jackie? Who is that?”

“I must have heard it wrong. Is there a Jackie amongst those three up there?”

Jackie was well-known among the informal disciples, but most of the formal disciples, let alone the chosen disciples, did not know who he was. Everyone was looking at each other skeptically. Did they have auditory hallucinations?

Elder Godfrey thought that he was being clear enough, so he repeated it again in a loud voice, “I choose Jackie as my last disciple!”

This time, there was an explosion of uproar, as if the ice was poured into boiling oil. Everyone was at a loss for words. Even Jackie himself found his mouth to be slightly ajar. He had to clean out his ears to make sure he did not hear wrong.


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