No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2137

Noel looked at Brook in a satisfied manner before he stretched out his hand to pat Brook on his shoulder to instigate that Brook had answered correctly. What Brook said had completely broken the doubts in the hearts of those people around them.

Special thoughts flashed through the eyes of almost everybody present. This battle for the position of the last disciple looked like it was just a matter of the Eleventh Elder getting his one and only last disciple. However, it actually involves the battle between two elders, and the position of the sect master is at stake. That was why all the elders were mobilized and all the disciples were so excited.

At this moment, Jackie finally understood what Noel meant by saying he would have said the same thing If he was Gresham. Gresham did this with hopes to get rid of Oliver. After all, the chances of him being the last disciple would be 30% less with Oliver’s present here.

On top of that, Oliver was slightly stronger than him and he did not have such a good relationship with Oliver. Oliver might kill Gresham after they go onto the battle platform, but he would stop at the correct moment when it came to facing Calvert. After all, the two of them were on the same team. No matter who became the Eleventh Elder’s last disciple, it would be a win for the First Elder.

The First Elder stood on the large round platform and looked at Gresham, who was standing under the platform. The First Elder was not a dummy. The reason the Second Elder stood next to him was to support Gresham. The Second Elder naturally did not wish for the First Elder’s choice to be the last disciple. The First Elder sneered as he would not give the Second Elder what he wanted. “Gresham Potter! Do you know what you are doing is treacherous to your elders!”

Everybody was surprised when they heard what the First Elder said. None of the disciples could withstand such a terrible accusation. The lethality of being accused as treacherous to his elders was so powerful that Gresham’s face turned slightly pale. However, he still knelt down with his body. “First Elder, these are such heavy words. I just feel that this is slightly unfair as I’m the one fighting with two senior brothers.”

Gresham said this to tell the crowd that he was not refuting the First Elder and was just fighting for his rights. On top of that, he was also mocking the First Elder as he should not be accused of treacherous because of this. The First Elder sneered. “As the First Elder of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, I work hard to preside over the sect’s matters. As a mere formal disciple, have you honored me by questioning the fairness the moment you open your mouth? If this isn’t a treacherous act, what is?”

There were finally some changes in the Second Elder’s cold expression. He curled his mouth and smiled mockingly. He did not turn to look at the First Elder but instead looked straight ahead at the disciples gathered underneath. “First Elder, don’t you feel that you’ve spoken too seriously? He was just fighting for some fairness for himself, how can his actions be considered treacherous?”

The First Elder humphed coldly and suddenly raised his head. He wanted to have a debate with the Second Elder for 300 rounds but the Second Elder did not wish to continue exchanging nonsense with him. The Second Elder continued, “Oliver has already broken through into the final stage of innate level and the value of grooming him isn’t high no matter from which aspect of things.”

Oliver’s face darkened as he heard this. Standing among the informal disciples, Wesley’s heart beat fiercely and he was unable to close his mouth in panic. He was afraid that his brother’s predetermined quota would be canceled by them with just a few words. If his brother successfully becomes the Eleventh Elder’s last disciple, his status would also rise accordingly. By then, not only would Elder Sayer be his support, the Eleventh Elder would become his support too. In that case, he would be able to act as he wished in the Dual Sovereign Pavilion in the future.

The First Elder narrowed his eyes and glanced at the Second Elder angrily when he heard this. “What do you mean by the value of grooming him is low? There are so many disciples in the final stage of innate level in our sect. Do you mean that all disciples in the final stage of innate level aren’t worthy of being groomed by us?”


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