No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2136

What Noel said immediately attracted the attention of those around him. Jackie looked at Noel with a curious look on his face. Noel’s face started blushing when he felt the gazes of others. He coughed softly and tried to calm himself down. “Why are you guys looking at me? Don’t you know the relationship between them?”

A hint of confusion appeared in the eyes of many people when he said this. Obviously, they had no idea of the relationship between these people, and they had only heard of the ranking of these formal disciples from the long-faced man. What Noel said was obviously hinting that the predetermined disciples had complicated relationships with the elders.

Jackie glanced at Noel. “Why don’t you stop dropping hints and just get to the point. I really want to know where Gresham gets his courage to go against the First Elder.” Jackie had already made guesses in his heart when he said this and he was just waiting for Noel to personally confirm his assumption.

Noel nodded and said seriously, “In fact, Gresham is going against two people by himself.”

The people around him were even more surprised when they heard what Noel said. Noel did not tantalize everyone on purpose and continued explaining, “I’m sure everybody knows about the relationship between Oliver and Elder Sayer. Elder Sayer is an unwavering supporter of the First Elder. On the other hand, Calvert has a great relationship with Oliver and I heard from others that Calvert has a close relationship with the Sixth Elder. Calvert’s mother is from the family that supported the Sixth Elder. In the beginning, I thought that the Sixth Elder would accept Calvert as his elder disciple.”

Everybody immediately understood what was going on after they heard Noel’s explanation. Noel continued to speak and did not care if the people around him understood what he said. “The Seventh Elder recognizes Gresham’s talents. There was once when Gresham returned from his training outside with an injury and the Seventh Elder personally gave him pills to cure his wounds.”

Noel stopped speaking at this point. On the other hand, Jackie continued, “The Sixth Elder and Elder Sayer support the First Elder while the Seventh Elder supports the Second Elder. This is why you mentioned previously that Gresham is going against two people by himself.”

He heard from Noel previously that half of the formal elders supported the First Elder while the other half supported the Second Elder. That was why Gresham spoke insolently as he was fighting for the best chance for himself. Although Jackie disliked Oliver, he had to admit that Oliver’s strength was undeniably strong as he was capable of being in the eighth place among the formal disciples.

Although Gresham might be as talented as Oliver, there was a difference between their realms. Gresham was in the 63rd position and he definitely would not be the opponent of somebody in the 8th position. The two of them had a great difference between them

Noel’s words successfully helped Brook in understanding the complicated relationship between these people. He mumbled as he widened his eyes, “In this case, it doesn’t matter if Oliver or Calvert becomes the Eleventh Elder’s last disciple as they would represent that the First Elder had won. On the other hand, the Second Elder would only win if Gresham becomes the Eleventh Elder’s last disciple.”


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