No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2135

The informal disciples surrounding Jackie had unnatural expressions when they heard this. They must be thinking of how hypocritical these formal elders were. Jackie was not surprised by this as no matter how he interpreted these three people, they were the most suitable choice.

The First Elder looked at those three under the platform with an extremely genial look in his eyes as if these were his grandsons.

The First Elder spoke in a gentle tone, “The three of you are extremely talented and are extremely suitable to be the Eleventh Elder’s last disciples, seeing as none of you are elder disciples of other elders. However, it doesn’t matter how suitable the three of you are, as there’s only one availability. This is why you three need to completely show your talents and strength today to catch the Eleventh Elder’s attention.”

What the First Elder had said immediately caused the disciples gathered under the platform to have another heated discussion.

Noel said softly, “Regardless, they still have to go through a fight in the end, and the results will be decided with their strength.”

Just like what the First Elder said, the three of them were suitable in every aspect, but there was only one position. Hence, they still had to battle to fight for the position, and the most excellent disciple would become the Eleventh Elder’s last disciple.

The Eleventh Elder raised his brows after he heard this, and it looked like he wanted to say something, but the First Elder paid no mind to the Eleventh Elder. At this moment, his attention was focused on those three formal disciples standing under the platform.

He still had a gentle expression on his face as he said, “The battle platform in front will be where you three shall show your talents and strength. The three of you shall take turns in joining the battle, and those with the most wins will be the most talented disciple.”

The disciples gathered below started getting excited after the First Elder finished speaking. It was a meaningful thing for the disciples to witness a great battle. They would be able to learn battle techniques on top of increasing their experience just by witnessing a battle between disciples with great talents.

However, Gresham, who had been extremely quiet, suddenly knelt on one knee. “First Elder! I think that it’s unfair if only the three of us are fighting in a single battle!”

Gresham had spoken clearly and loudly, thus everyone could hear him. His words had effectively stunned them, and they stared at Gresham with widened eyes. They secretly admired Gresham for being so daring as what he said was equal to refuting the First Elder’s face on the spot. He was saying that the First Elder was unfair for arranging these battles.

Of course, the First Elder’s expression darkened, and he looked at Gresham sharply. “Unfair? How is this unfair?”

Gresham had been kneeling on the floor with his head down all the time. However, there was not much respect in the tone as he spoke, “Although Oliver is also a formal disciple, he’s much stronger than the two of us. On top of that, he’s already in the final stage of the innate level while myself and Calvert are only in the intermediate stage of the innate level. It’s unfair that we have to fight him from a lower realm.”

What Gresham had said darkened the First Elder’s expression. He was about to reprimand Gresham when the Second Elder, who had been standing aside without saying a word, suddenly spoke up,” Gresham is right. It’s unfair for them to fight like this.”

There was instantly a tit-for-tat momentum at the gathering spot.

Although Brook had joined the Dual Sovereign Pavilion for several years, he had always been a runner disciple and had never seen such big scenes. At this moment, however, he was amazed by what he saw as the First Elder and Second Elder seemed to be getting into a fight in front of all the disciples. He looked toward Gresham and could not help but lamented, “Gresham is so daring. How could he say something like this? Isn’t he afraid that the First Elder will cause him trouble later on?”

Noel smiled when he heard what Brook said. “I would’ve said the same thing if I’m Gresham.”


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