No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2134

The First Elder slightly moved his body to the side after he said this and looked toward Elder Godfrey.

Elder Godfrey, of course, could feel the First Elder’s line of gaze that seemed kind. There still was not much of an expression on his face as he stood up stiffly from his seat and walked toward the central part. He did not stand in front of the First Elder when he arrived behind the First Elder. Instead, he stopped about three steps away from the First Elder.

He then signaled for the First Elder to continue speaking of this matter. Everybody knew that the main agenda had started when they saw the Eleventh Elder stepping forward. Although the previous news caused everybody to be uneasy, no one forgot about the reason they had gathered on this spot.

The First Elder slightly nodded. “I’m sure everyone knows that the Eleventh Elder wishes to recruit a last disciple, and today is the day he’ll announce his choice. However, I’ve also communicated with the Eleventh Elder before this, and the Eleventh Elder doesn’t know much about our outstanding disciples as he’s so focused on training during normal days. Hence, we’ve gathered all the disciples here today with hopes of choosing the most excellent disciple among you as the last disciple.”

The First Elder spoke of how they would choose the most excellent disciples among them, but in truth, he only meant the formal disciples. The informal disciples were there just to make up the number.

After the First Elder finished speaking, he looked toward where the formal disciples were at, focusing on looking at Oliver and Calvert. He was about to continue speaking when the Second Elder, who had been silently sitting on the second chair, suddenly stood up, much to everyone’s surprise.

The First Elder’s expression stiffened as he looked at the Second Elder with a slightly unhappy look in his eyes. However, he did not say a word because of his manners. In fact, the First Elder had anticipated that the Second Elder would step forward at this moment.

The Second Elder also took two steps forward, and rather expressionless at that. However, he did not stand three steps behind the First Elder like what the Eleventh Elder did. Instead, he stepped forward and stood by the First Elder’s side.

He did not look at the First Elder’s expression and instead turned his gaze toward the disciples present. Everybody thought that the Second Elder would say something as he stood forward at this moment. However, the Second Elder remained silent. He acted as if his sudden movement was just a random act.

The First Elder secretly rolled his eyes. The others might not understand what the Second Elder meant, but he understood what the Second Elder wanted. His eyes landed on Gresham unwillingly and exhaled deeply. “Although the Eleventh Elder has no idea how many excellent disciples there are, we’ve been paying attention to the outstanding disciples in the sect while we’re training. Right now, we happen to have three outstanding disciples.”

He looked toward the direction of the formal disciples before he continued to speak. “Oliver Sayer, Calvert Atkins, and Gresham Potter, please come forward.”

After that, three people among the formal disciples came walking out of their teams. The three of them were tall, handsome, and were definitely people of outstanding talent.

The first person walking in front of everybody else looked slightly similar to Wesley, and there was no doubt that he was Wesley’s elder brother, Oliver. However, Oliver seemed to have better manners than Wesley.

The three of them strode forward and stood in front of everyone, and everyone stared at the three.

Even though thousands of pairs of eyes stared at them, however, the three of them kept their composure, and nothing else happened.

The man with a mustache standing in front of Jackie could not help but scoff coldly. “Just like what you said, they’ve already predetermined their choices. If so, why did they make it sound like all the disciples of our sect are given the choice when they initially mentioned the matter? I’m sure that many people had been looking forward to this for a couple of days, and none of them realized that the group of people had been predetermined. This is really…”

The long-faced man standing beside him chimed aloofly, “Although they’ve already predetermined their choices, they still have to go through the process.”


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