No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2133

The Elder spoke loudly, “Several days ago, the elder of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion visited us and told us something extremely important. I’m sure everybody knows that our West Cercei State only has two fourth -grade sects. One of us is located in the North while the other is in the South, and we do not interfere with one another. Recently, the upper management of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion received news that the Corpse Pavilion in the South had secretly transported a large number of disciples over to the North. We’re sure that this isn’t good news. Hence, everybody needs to get themselves ready during this period.”

The news was like a stone that caused a thousand ripples. This was the first time everybody heard about this, and their eyes were widened. Originally, no one dared to discuss anything as the elders were present. However, none of them could suppress themselves when they heard the news, and chatters erupted in the area.

“What? The Corpse Pavilion is coming to the North to cause us trouble again? We’ve been in a peaceful state all these years. What do they wish to do here?”

“They must’ve gone crazy. Although the Corpse Pavilion is also a fourth-grade sect, the Thousand Leaves Pavilion at our northern side is also a fourth-grade sect. Both sects have equal strengths, and we’re separated by the Mount Beasts. Isn’t it good for us to continue developing without interfering with one another?”

“Do they have other plans in mind?”

“No matter what, this news must be true as the First Elder announced it in front of so many of us here. We might go to war next. I’ve been too optimistic to think that we won’t be going to war soon after the matters regarding the Muddled Origin Clan have been placed aside.”

Some of the slightly smarter people immediately recalled the unexplainable actions by the sect. Some of them slapped their thighs and said, “No wonder our sect still recruited a new batch of informal disciples after the Thousand Leaves Pavilion stopped the war. This is the reason, it seems

All sorts of discussion noises hummed continuously by their ears like a hundred flies. Among all the disciples, Jackie was the only one who had the most information about the matter. After all, he had personally traveled to Mount Beasts, and he also knew what the Corpse Pavilion’s disciples wanted to do. On top of that, he also had information about the Dual Sovereign Pavilion and Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s plans as he heard Elder Godfrey’s speculations.

The sounds of discussion under the stage grew louder, but the First Elder had no intention of stopping the disciples. He only looked at the disciples with a kind look in his eyes and a smile on his face.

Jackie slightly raised his brows. The more the First Elder acted in such a way, the more Jackie felt that this old man was a cunning character with unknown plans. After a little while later, the First Elder interrupted the crowd’s discussion by speaking again, “I know that everyone will come up with their own plans after receiving this news. However, I will remind everybody now that it doesn’t matter what your plans are, as the most important thing is what the sect wants you to do. The situation isn’t so bad yet, and everybody can continue to carry out your tasks in peace. I’ll immediately notify everybody if there are any arrangements.”

Such words did not comfort everyone. Instead, it only agitated them more. Nonetheless, nobody dared step forward to say anything. After all, they had to step forward and service the sect after enjoying so many years of grooming by the Dual Sovereign Pavilion as the sect’s disciples.

The First Elder glanced at the Eleventh Elder, who was seated at the fat west corner. He mentally scoffed when he saw how calm and unwavering the Eleventh Elder was. However, nothing was seen on his face.

“Alright! The discussion about this shall end here as there’s something else that we need to announce tonight.”


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