No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2132

Jackie’s tone was extremely calm when he said this. It sounded like he was simply telling Brook what he wanted to eat and drink. However, every word he said showed his temperament. Brook could not help but look at Jackie deeply, not knowing how to respond.

Jackie was in no mood to think of their opinion toward him at this moment. Instead, he placed all his attention at the platform behind.

All 11 elders had been seated, and Jackie silently observed the core power of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion. No matter how many disciples there were in the sect, the people who truly supported the Dual Sovereign Pavilion were still these people, who were the strongest among all.

The person seated at the first position was, of course, the First Elder. He looked at the disciples below the platform with a kind look in his eyes and a smile on his young-looking face. Compared to the First Elder, the Second Elder had a strict expression on his face as there was a calculative look in his eyes. He looked at the disciples under the platform indifferently.

All the other elders had their own specialties, but all of them seemed to have an overbearing temperament. In the end, Jackie focused his line of sight at the Eleventh Elder, Elder Godfrey. He looked the same, but his eyes lacked anger and suspicions. Only indifference and calmness remained in his eyes as he seemed to be uninterested in anything.

At this moment, almost all the disciples were observing the formal elders on the platform, like what Jackie did. Although other disciples knew more about the formal disciples compared to Jackie, they still could not help but observe the elders as if they wanted to observe something from these people.

Jackie raised his brows and asked in a low voice, “Why is the sect master nowhere to be seen?”

Although the elders were the core power of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, the sect master was the person in power and the decision-maker who issued the orders. Why did the sect master not show himself when all eleven elders were gathered here?

Noel slightly shook his head. “We have no idea about this. In fact, the process of getting a disciple today means nothing much to the sect master. After all, the Eleventh Elder is in the eleventh place, and he hasn’t grown strong. The sect master may not pay much attention to this. On top of that, our sect master has always been extremely mysterious. I’ve only seen him once after joining the sect for such a long period.”

To this, Jackie no longer questioned it. Nonetheless, his curiosity toward the Dual Sovereign Pavilion Master grew.

The First Elder stood up as he felt that the timing was correct when he saw that the disciples had quieted down. Although the First and Second Elders kept fighting among themselves, the First Elder was still in the first position. He was the leader of all the elders, and he was the one to make any announcements at such moments.

He stood up straight and walked three steps forward at a steady pace. He still had a gentle look in his eyes, but the expression on his face had turned into a dignified one. He slightly cleared his throat before he spoke, “Originally, there’s no need to alert so many people when an elder is just taking disciples. However, there’s something else we need to announce to all you disciples, so we gathered everybody here.”

The First Elder’s words puzzled everyone. The disciples only thought that they were gathered for one reason, and that was to witness who would be the Eleventh Elder’s last disciple. Unexpectedly, there was something else they wished to announce.

Jackie also raised his brows. When Noel informed him of this matter, Jackie was surprised about the reason to involve so many people when it was just the acceptance of a last disciple. It looked like he had been making silly assumptions about the elders’ thoughts as they had their own plans.

The First Elder waved his hands to stop the disciples from their discussion, and the disciples continued to listen to the Elder’s announcement.


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