No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2131

Noel also felt that the atmosphere was too stagnant, and both Jackie and Wesley were on the brink of a fight. He glanced at Jackie with a slightly worried look in his eyes before he sneakily stretched out his hand a tan area, unseen by the others, to pull Jackie’s clothes, all in an attempt to remind Jackie not get too agitated from Wesley’s provocation

The corners of Jackie’s mouth curled upward. He knew what Noel meant by pulling on his clothes…but he ignored it. Wesley was trembling with anger as he stared at Jackie resentfully. Compared to Wesley’s furious expression, Jackie was extremely calm. Although he was arguing with Wesley when he said those words, his expression remained stoic.

Wesley gritted his teeth as he spoke, “My brother will never let you off the hook; he’ll kill you!”

“What else can you do besides making threats?” responded Jackie calmly.

These words were like a big rock stuffed into Wesley’s throat, and Wesley felt that his interaction with Jackie would only make his blood boil. His sensible nerves were at the brink of disappearing, too. His eyes had reddened like red-colored glass beads, and they almost popped out of his sockets. At this moment, their surroundings suddenly quieted down.

Everybody looked forward subconsciously and saw a dozen or so men in their fifties or sixties, in dark blue robes, walking steadily toward the big round platform behind them. Such a scene caused everybody to instantly hold their breath. Jackie immediately saw his old acquaintance. Elder Godfrey was at the last position, but Jackie felt that he had the most overpowering aura.

However, he had a slightly cold expression on his face and did not look like he was the one getting a last disciple today. These people were naturally the formal elders of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion. Although they had different appearances, they had similar auras. They had the demeanor as men without losing their majestic temperament as elders.

After all 11 of them went on top of the last platform, they sat down from east to west according to the order of their strengths. At this moment, Wesley did not dare act so irate, even though his anger flared still.

With that, he turned around and glared at Jackie fiercely. Wesley lowered his voice and hissed, “You just wait and see!”

Wesley then walked a couple of steps forward to keep some distance between himself and Jackie. Jackie sighed lightly, finally no longer having to be interacting with this disgusting fly. Noel and Brook let out a long sigh of relief when they saw how Wesley turned around to leave. Brook slowly spoke as he placed his hands on his chest and a tangled expression appeared on his face, “You both were talking so sharply at one another that I thought you’d break out into another fight.”

Noel also chimed in, “You two met squarely in the argument, and it felt like you’ve reached the point where only death would stop the argument.”

Jackie raised his brows and said disapprovingly,” Naturally, the argument will only end when one of us dies. People like Wesley will never stop once somebody offends him. He’ll only cease to do anything when I manage to trample him under my feet.”

Brook sighed helplessly. “Actually, I wish to persuade you now as it’s better to take a step back. However, I feel that masters like you have your own persistence and arrogance. It’ll be useless no matter what I say.”

Jackie raised his brows. “This has nothing to do with my inner persistence and arrogance. I’m not the one who caused him trouble. My principle has always been that I won’t offend anybody if they leave me alone. Why should I spoil him?”


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