No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2130

The man with triangular eyes was naturally referring to Oliver, who was extremely famous.

Jackie, on the other hand, smilingly responded, “Hey, as his follower, can you say something new the next time you speak? Or are these the only words your brain is capable of remembering? You call me a daring person every time, but why can’t I be? I’ve beaten Senior Brother Wesley, who’s standing next to you, until he was close to dying, and I’d beat him again!”

The face of the triangular-eyed man darkened as he glanced at Wesley who was beside him, sheepishly. Wesley felt that he had lost face as he stretched out his hand to pull the triangular-eyed man aside. He took a step forward. “Jackie, don’t act so arrogantly. Although you defeated me in the past, it was only due to my lack of preparation. Right now, I’m much stronger than I used to be as Elder Sayer has spared no effort to groom me. You’ll find yourself unable to contend against me should we have another round on the battle stage again!”

Wesley’s decisive statement proved how confident he was in himself to the people around him.

Jackie raised his brows, unable to even muster the strength to entertain Wesley. However, he knew how Wesley would chatter on and humiliate him with all kinds of vulgarities, even if he did not say a word.

Jackie looked at Wesley as if he was a fool. “Who do you think you are? Do you think that I’d go to the battle platform with you just because you asked me to? I’ve incapacitated you before, and I’ve succeeded In defeating you. I don’t wish to waste my time with a man that I’ve once defeated. I naturally know about your brother, Oliver, and you mentioned him in hopes of frightening me. Sadly, I don’t pay much attention to the both of you.”

Jackie did not speak loudly, but everyone heard his every word. Wesley’s face immediately darkened as he had really expected Jackie to have such a sharp tongue. Originally, he came here in hopes of frightening this fearless guy who dared go against him with his elder brother’s fame.

Unexpectedly, he did not expect Jackie to catch every sentence he said and fought back. What Jackie said even caused his anger to surge in his stomach. He closed the jade fan in his hands with a swoosh and almost broke the handle with his tight grasp. “Don’t Be so pompous! I’m telling you: your leisure days are over! My brother won’t let you go!” Wesley roared these words through gritted teeth, and he looked as though he would rush forward and bite a piece of meat off of Jackie’s body.

As Wesley’s anger and hatred toward him grew, Jackie grew calmer as if he was appreciating the beauty of springtime. His facial expression even looked like he was comfortable and enjoying himself. Wesley’s eyes seemed to be filled with poison as he glared at Jackie angrily. He looked like he was about to leap forward to bite Jackie, just to vent his anger.

He grew up as the role model for the children in his family, and the elders placed high importance on him. Wesley had achieved his current status smoothly and without much of a challenge

Although he had an aloof temper and had always spoken in an overbearing way, he had never been looked down on or attacked by others with words. All of a sudden, he felt like meeting Jackie had struck him with nasty luck. His talents and background seem to be nothing in Jackie’s eyes as Jackie kept going against him.

Wesley was so angry that his teeth would shatter in sheer force of him gritting them together. “B*stard! I won’t let you off the hook so easily, and the Sayer family won’t let go of you either. Don’t think that you can ride on top of our heads and piss on us just because you’re slightly talented right now!”

Jackie sneered; all Wesley could do to him was attempt to frighten him. He smiled in disdain. “I’ve never thought about it in such a way. You’re the one with that much free time, seeing as you keep provoking me. If you didn’t run over here to say such nonsense, do you think that I’d be willing to speak to you?”

The words between both men became rather muffled the more they spoke. The people surrounding them secretly mumbled as they wondered if the two would ignore the rules and start fighting. If that was the case, they would definitely be punished.


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