No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2129

Of course, Jackie knew that Noel was worried about him, so he nodded slightly. “It doesn’t matter even if Oliver is accepted as the last disciple. After all, he wouldn’t let me off the hook, even if he isn’t accepted as the last disciple.”

As Jackie and Noel were muttering among themselves, a sudden commotion erupted in front of them. Following that, a path in front of Jackie was cleared by several people, and several familiar faces squeezed their way toward them. Jackie took a look and could not stop his lips from twitching, unable to hold back from rolling his eyes. He could not be bothered to pay attention to these people, but they loved coming to him like cats who smelled fish from afar.

Wesley had a jade fan-which nobody knew where he obtained-in his hand. Although they were immune to changes in the temperature as they were martial artists, he acted like a handsome young master as he walked toward Jackie, swaying his fan lightly as he did. Behind him was another familiar face; the man with triangular eyes. When the man with triangular eyes saw Jackie, his eyes instantly narrowed into dangerous arcs like a poisonous snake that was dormant in the dark.

Everybody among the informal disciples knew about Wesley, and so did many formal disciples. As Oliver had become the center of discussion among all the disciples as he was about to become the Eleventh Elder’s last disciple, Wesley felt that he was greatly honored as he walked jubilantly everywhere he went. A meaningful smile appeared on his face when he saw Jackie. “Isn’t this Junior Brother Jackie? It’s been a long time since we last met! You seem to be doing well.”

What Wesley said immediately attracted the attention of those around him. Although Jackie was not as well-known as Wesley among the informal disciples, his fame was not something to be ignored. After all, he had once openly beaten Wesley on the wager battle arena, and it was a challenge where the two of them were on different levels to boot!

Everybody knew that Jackie would become a formal disciple soon, and he would have a prosperous time when he became one. Everybody also knew the grievances between these two. Everybody was excited to observe the interaction between them when they saw Wesley coming over to greet Jackie.

Wesley was not the kind of person who would be pliant after being trampled on. They all knew in their hearts that after Jackie had severely injured him, Wesley would fight back since he had recovered. Noel and Brook, who stood behind Jackie, had darkened expressions on their faces. Jackie stepped forward and blocked both of them behind him. He sneered and ignored Wesley.

Wesley seemed to have had a good understanding of Jackie’s temper from a long time ago. He was not irritated when he saw how Jackie sneered and said nothing on it. “I heard that you went to Mount Beast a few days ago, and I thought that you were killed by the monster beasts there. Who would’ve expected that you would return safely.”

Jackie snorted softly. In his eyes, Wesley was no different from talkative ladies who loved to gossip. He replied, “And you’re still as talkative as ever, even though I haven’t seen you for a couple of days. I thought that our previous battle would completely shut you up. It looks like I’ve still underestimated your mouth.”

Jackie’s words were intently straightforward, ones that hit Wesley badly, evident on Wesley’s reddening face. A gossiping look flashed through the eyes of most of those around them, and they were dying to see both men duke it out right then and there.

The man with triangular eyes roared angrily, “Jackie White! How dare you say such things to Brother Wesley? Do you wish to die?! Don’t you know that Brother Wesley’s elder brother has returned?!”


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