No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2128

The long-faced man chuckled. “You have no idea about this, do you? Although Oliver has broken through into the final stage of innate level, he’s much more talented compared to average formal disciples. It shouldn’t be long before he’s on par with chosen disciples. With his talents, he’s eligible to be among the predetermined disciples, even though he has already broken through to the final stage of innate level!”

Jackie raised his brows while Noel eyed him nervously. Noel opened his mouth to say something but swallowed his words when he saw Jackie shaking his head at him. Everybody had started to have discussions among themselves because of what the long-faced man said.

“Calvert is in the intermediate stage of innate level and is fifty-eighth in their ranks. His ranking isn’t very conspicuous among the formal disciples. Why is he able to overpower other disciples and be selected as one of the predetermined disciples?”

“On top of that, I heard that he doesn’t come from a clean background and seems to be related to the Fourth Elder. In that case, will the Eleventh Elder be willing to accept him?”

“That’s right. As for Gresham, his ranking is lower than Calvert, and he’s in the sixty-third place.”

The long-faced man waved his hand to interrupt the discussion when he saw how the discussion had become further away from the main issue. “You guys are steering this discussion in the wrong direction!”

His words immediately suppressed the discussions around him, and everybody looked toward the long faced man. The man scoffed softly and continued, Although the two of them are only among the top hundred among the formal disciples, there are more than three hundred formal disciples, and this means that their rankings are just relatively fine.

“You people are short-sighted if you’re only looking at the rankings, though. After all, most of the formal disciples are in the final stage of innate level, and only a small portion of the formal disciples are in the intermediate stage. On top of that, it’s rare for a disciple in the intermediate stage to fight their way into the top-hundred. When you think about it carefully, the higher the ranking, the higher the realm of the disciples. This means that all these people have been challenging their opponents who are at a higher level!”

The people around the long-faced man had a sudden realization when they heard what he said. The informal disciples surrounding them only had concerns about their own matters. When it came to the fights among the formal disciples, they only

Everything to them, they immediately understood the importance of the matter.

The guy with a mustache also nodded. “In that case, Calvert is indeed talented for being in the fifty eighth position among the formal disciples, and he’s already close to being in the top-fifty. This proves that he has been challenging somebody of a higher level in every battle!”

The people surrounding them also agreed. “True! All the top ten formal disciples are in the final stage of innate level, and none of the top fifty disciples are in the intermediate stage. This proves how hard it is to challenge somebody of a higher level among the formal disciples. Calvert is indeed a rare master!”

The long-faced man continued on the topic,” Furthermore, it’s not true when you say that Calvert has a complicated background. After all, most of our disciples in the Dual Sovereign Pavilion are related to others in one way or another. There isn’t a way to avoid this, and I believe the Eleventh Elder won’t care too much about such things. As long as this person hasn’t been accepted as an elder disciple and isn’t a direct relative of another elder disciple, the Eleventh Elder will be able to accept it!”

Many people nodded when they heard this guy, seeing how his words made sense. According to what the man said, the predetermined people definitely had enough capital and talents. Others just could not compare to these three.

Noel sighed softly and lowered his voice to speak by Jackie’s ear, “It doesn’t matter if they choose Calvert o r Gresham. Any of them is fine, as long as it isn’t Oliver.”


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