No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2127

The further south area was where the disciples stood. This place was like a huge square. Although it was the size of two or three football fields and could hold thousands of people, the disciples stood apart. Disciples of the same level stood in the same area. It seemed slightly crowded as the outer disciples, the group with the largest number of people, were gathered at the south area even though it was a spacious area.

Jackie could hear very well what everyone around him was talking about. It was then that a man with a mustache standing in front of him pointed at the battle platform as he exclaimed, “I think that Mateo Bailey should be selected by the Eleventh Elder. After all, he’s in the fifth position among the formal disciples, and he doesn’t have any family supporting him. On top of that, I heard that he is aloof and very temperamental, similar to the Eleventh Elder. It must be him!”

A long-faced man standing next to the guy with a mustache snorted and said disdainfully, “Can you stop guessing what the formal elders are thinking of with your limited brain power? Don’t you know that they’ve already predetermined the disciples to be chosen?”

This sentence stirred up reactions among the disciples, just like how a tossed stone could cause thousands of ripples. Several people around the long faced man turned around to look at him while the man with a mustache also looked at the long-faced man in surprise. Jackie and the others were also attracted by what the guy said as they turned to look at him.

When the man saw how the people around him stared at him curiously, he suddenly felt important. After all, he seemed to be the only one who knew about this among everyone else around him. Tipping his chin upward slightly, he explained, though with a tinge of arrogance in his tone, “This news has been spread among the elder disciples, and the formal disciples more or less know about it. Only us, the informal disciples, don’t know the news clearly or have very little knowledge about it.”

He deliberately paused as he reached this point as if he was trying to catch everybody’s attention. The people around him could not accept this, however, and many pressed on the matter.

“Get on it quickly. You’ve explained it ‘till this point, so get on with it. Is it really fun to keep us hanging?”

“That’s right. Since you started talking about it, finish it. Why do you have to stop halfway?”

The people grew more impatient, evident in their insistence. The long-faced man dared not offend everyone around him and quickly retracted the proud expression he had on. “Actually, there are only three people who are the predetermined candidates. After all, the Eleventh Elder is choosing his only last disciple, so the requirements are naturally more demanding. This person not only has to be talented, but they need to have a clean background and be free from unsavory interests. On top of that, it’s best if this disciple is in the final stage of innate level. Among all the formal disciples, there are only three people who are most suitable in that case. The Eleventh Elder will surely choose one among these three: Calvert Atkins, ranked 58th among the formal disciples, Gresham Potter, ranked 63rd, and, finally, Oliver Sayer, ranked eighth.”

All eyes widened at this, and a solemn look flashed through Jackie’s eyes. It seemed that Oliver was ranked in the eighth position among the formal disciples; it made sense why Wesley was so arrogant before. With such a powerful support and a powerful brother, it was true that he could have everything he wanted in the Dual Sovereign Pavilion. Unfortunately, Jackie had been refusing to accept his power from the start.

After hearing this, the man with a mustache twitched his mouth and said with a trace of doubt in his voice, “We all know that the formal disciples who are in the intermediate stage of innate level are more worth grooming compared to the formal disciples in the final stage of innate level. In that case, why is Oliver among the predetermined disciples when he’s already in the final stage of innate level?”


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