No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2126

Noel exhaled deeply, and there was a slight hint of envy in his tone as he spoke, “As expected, he won, and he won without contest. The guy who instigated Oliver only managed to endure three attacks from Oliver before Oliver managed to stab him in the chest, and blood literally splattered all over the floor. Fortunately, Oliver knew the boundaries and stopped in the end. That person wasn’t badly wounded, but his wounds were serious enough to make him bedridden for a month or two.”

Brook, who was beside them, nodded vehemently. A calculative look flashed past his eyes when he thought of what happened on that particular day.” That day, the two of us found seats, though not without struggling to, seeing how cramped the place was at that time. The observers cheered so loudly when Oliver stabbed that guy’s chest, and they yelled how invincible Oliver was.”

Noel glanced at Brook hopelessly. “If I hadn’t stopped you at that moment, you would’ve yelled the same thing.” Although Brook was rather inconsiderate, he also knew about the grudges between Jackie and Wesley. “I wouldn’t have shouted like that, no. Oliver’s brother, Wesley, kept causing troubles to Senior Brother Jackie previously. How can I cheer for the enemy?”

Of course, Brook looked sheepish as he responded, to which Jackie chuckled and paid no mind to it. He did not think that it was a big deal, even if Brook yelled once or twice at that moment.

The closer they were to the gathering spot, the more disciples were gathered around the area. They then noticed just how relatively crowded the road was. When they arrived at the gathering spot, the place was full of people, and it was a boiling cauldron of voices. Jackie estimated that there were about 3000 to 4000 people present. Nonetheless, there had to be more than that

Noel patted Jackie on his shoulder and reminded him, “Today, the informal disciples, formal disciples, and all other disciples are supposed to gather at different places. Let’s find the informal disciples’ team and stand there.”

The informal disciples were arranged to stand at the far west side. The arrangement from their positions to the east side were the formal disciples, elder disciples, and a team that consisted of less than ten people. Without the need for any introduction, Jackie knew that those ten are the legendary chosen disciples.

The chosen disciples were the hopes of the entire sect. These disciples might become the sect’s elders or even the sect master in the future. As they were too far apart, Jackie could only see the faint outline of these people’s faces. They were rather good-looking and donned a light green outer shirt with several begonias sewn onto their waist area. The position of the chosen disciples were even slightly higher than the deacons as their future was immeasurable.

The ten of them stood out at the far east corner, and other disciples looked at the chosen disciples, green with envy.

Noel pressed his hand on Brook’s shoulder and spoke while gesturing with his chin, “You should stop looking at them. After all, this isn’t the first time we’re seeing them. We’re never going to achieve that position, but Jackie can give it a try. Jackie, if you succeed at becoming a chosen disciple in the future, don’t forget about us both.”

Jackie smiled but said nothing. The three of them occupied a position at the edge of the informal disciples. No matter where they were, Jackie liked places where he could hide from other people’s eyes as he disliked the attention. Noel knew about Jackie’s habit so they purposely found a slightly remote corner when they were looking for a place to stand.

The gathering spot was a huge fan-shape, and there were two round platforms more than ten meters high at the front. The platform in front of them was surrounded by array flags, and it looked just like the battle platform in the wager battle arena. The function of both platforms should be similar and were places for disciples to have their battles. The area on the back was where the elders sat.


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