No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2125

Jackie was certain that the illusion he had seen was the memory of the mythical beast, and it was something that left the deepest impression on the beast. Nash frowned in surprise.

Just as Nash was about to question Jackie further, somebody knocked on the door. Jackie frowned and asked subconsciously, “Who’d interrupt me at this hour?

Unexpectedly, Nash looked at Jackie in surprise and said, “It must be Noel and Brook. Didn’t Noel tell you? He said that he’d bring you to the gathering spot for the roll call in ten days.”

Jackie was visibly stunned, evident in the way his eyes widened at Nash’s words. The corners of his mouth slightly trembled. “Are you saying that I’ve trained for ten days?”

Nash saw Jackie’s expression and instantly understood why he was so surprised. Nash nodded and said, “Ten days have indeed passed.”

Jackie exhaled a long sigh of relief as a trace of disbelief flashed across his eyes. He had just fallen into the illusion, and it felt like he had only been meditating for less than an hour. He only saw the Ancient Eclipse Dragon flying in the sky and the man in black clothing. Who would have expected that Jackie’s short experience in the illusion meant that ten days have passed in reality?

Nash patted Jackie’s shoulder. “Alright, put aside the things that you can’t figure out at this moment. If you don’t open the door for them, they’ll break down the door sooner or later.”

“Jackie! Are you inside? I did say I’d come get you in ten days. Did you run off to train at some other place?” There was a hint of helplessness in Noel’s voice. Jackie reacted sighed softly and immediately got up from the bed. After returning Nash to the Mustard Seed, he opened the door.

Noel studied Jackie’s form the moment the door opened before he stretched his neck to take a look at the room behind Jackie. When he saw that nobody was there, he asked curiously, “I knocked on the door so much that my hands hurt. What were you doing inside? Don’t tell me that you didn’t hear me knocking on the door?”

Jackie chuckled helplessly as he quickly moved away from the door, allowing Noel and Brook, who followed behind, to enter his room. Brook was about to go in for a cup of tea when Noel stopped him. “Why are you still going in at this hour? We need to report ourselves at the gathering spot in fifteen minutes. Do you want to be the last one to arrive there?”

By then, Brook snapped out of it. He had been so used to entering Jackie’s room that it had become a habit. He quickly nodded. “You’re right; this isn’t time for tea. The reception for accepting a new disciple will begin soon, and almost all our disciples will be there.”

Noel glanced at Jackie and pointed at his clothes. “Do you want to have a change of clothes before we go?”

Jackie looked down at his clothes. He had been so focused in his training that his blood circulation was too fast. His clothes were soaked in sweat and looked extremely dirty.

He smiled awkwardly. “Please wait for a moment. I’ll clean up, and we can be on our way shortly.”

After Jackie changed, the three of them walked toward the gathering spot. It was a place where the Dual Sovereign Pavilion held important meetings, and so spacious that it could accommodate 5000 to 6000 people

“How did the battle go the other day?” Jackie asked Noel on their way to the spot. “Did Oliver win?”


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