No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2124

Jackie felt a blast of destructive energy hammering toward him as the mysterious individual threw his punch. That power even caused the surrounding starry sky to tremble. It was a strong wave of power that Jackie had never experienced in the past.

With an audible bang, Jackie fell backward and tumbled onto the ground, having lost his balance.

When Jackie opened his eyes again, he had already returned to the real world and saw his father staring at him worriedly. Nash stretched out his hand and gently patted Jackie’s cheek. “Are you alright? What did you see? Why are you sweating so much?”

Jackie’s breaths were quick, and his heart raced vigorously. It even felt like his heart was thumping at 190 beats per minute. He knew it was all an illusion, but that punch was truly terrifying. Had he truly stood before the black-clothed man back there, there was no need for the man to punch him: Jackie would have turned to ashes and disappeared from this world with just that man’s exhale.

Jackie waved his hand weakly and allowed Nash to help him sit upright. “I’m fine, it’s just an illusion. A horrible one, that is.”

The moment Jackie spoke, Nash suddenly blurted, rather surprised, “You’ve broken through into the intermediate stage of innate level!”

Only then did Jackie realize that he had broken through into the intermediate stage of innate level upon hearing Nash’s words. On top of that, his mastery of the Divine Void Heavenly Path had also improved. He stretched out his arm, and with a grasp of his palm, he felt that his entire body was filled with inexhaustible power.

Jackie did not know if this was an expected or unexpected result. He had been in the initial stage of the innate level for some time. If he followed his speed of training when he was in Daxia, he would have broken through several realms a long ago. However, the Hestia Continent was a high-level world, and their training system was different. If it was not for the Ancient Eclipse Dragon’s blood, it would have taken Jackie some time to enter the intermediate stage of the innate level.

After realizing this, he commented, “It’s so troublesome to break through a small realm. No wonder warriors in the spring solidifying realms are already considered masters in the West Cercie State.”

Nash nodded. During this period, he had been busy training while studying the ancient scripts Jackie found to better understand the Hestia Continent. As a result, he had a better understanding of the continent.

He helped Jackie up from the ground with his right hand and guided Jackie to sit on the bed next to them before patting the dust off of Jackie’s clothes.

“There are so many realms in Daxia, and we only realized that those realms belong to the acquired state after we arrived at the Hestia Continent. From this point alone, we can see how big the difference between both lands are. Right now, a small breakthrough of the realm in this world is equal to several realms in Daxia. You should probably drop this, then. You don’t face a shortage of teachers, martial skills, or martial art techniques. You’re in a much better state compared to other martial artists. As long as you focus on your practice, I’m sure you’ll be able to achieve higher realms, let alone the spring solidifying realm.”

Jackie had a small smile on his face, surprised by his father’s words. Nash seldom praised him with so many words, but this had lightened Jackie’s mood. In fact, Nash was right when he thought about it. The worlds are of different levels, and the difficulty to break through was naturally different.

Nash did not wish for his son to be constantly struggling with how difficult the future was. Hence, he changed the subject of the conversation and said, ” What did you see just now? You look visibly terrified, and it’s like you’ve seen something worse than a ghost.”

Jackie could not help but gulp upon recalling what he saw. “You are right about one thing: it’s scarier than a ghost. I saw an extremely powerful martial artist, and I also saw a mythical beast, the owner to this drop of blood. I saw the exchange between those two. Unexpectedly, the mythical beast’s blood also contains the memory of the beast.”


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