No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2123

The mythical beast’s blood that darted left and right like a beast that broke out of the cage seemed incredibly invigorated. It looked like it wanted to rush out and escape into mid-air. How could Jackie allow that to happen? He took a black dagger out of the Mustard Seed and cut his right palm.

Blood immediately flowed out of the wound, and just as the drop of mythical beast’s blood was about to escape, he raised his wounded hand to grab the blood and imprisoned it in his palm. Jackie then quickly pressed the drop of blood at the position where his wound was opened. The mythical beast’s blood was instantly diluted after it came into contact with Jackie’s blood.


It sounded like red-hot soldering iron placed into cold water. Nash frowned, and the worried look in his eyes deepened.

However, Jackie did not say a word. He instantly pressed onto the newly cut wound after his blood had merged with the mythical beast’s blood. The mythical beast’s blood flowed into Jackie’s body in such a way. Jackie could only hear his heart beating heavily as if his heart had been filled with lead.

Jackie’s skin quickly turned red and hot. He did not hesitate and immediately sat down with his legs crossed. He started to perform seals as he activated the Divine Void Heavenly Path. He used the power of the martial art technique to suppress and absorb the mythical beast’s blood.

“What is that?” Jackie suddenly spoke in surprise.

Nash was stunned. He saw Jackie looking ahead and was reacting as if he had seen something shocking. Meanwhile, nothing changed inside Jackie’s room. What, then, had shocked Jackie that he reacted like that?

Nash frantically blurted, “What’s happening to you? What did you see? Are you having hallucinations? Have you gone crazy?”

Nash’s persistent questioning made Jackie realize his father had not seen what he had. Jackie exhaled softly and remarked, “I saw a translucent divine dragon!”

“What divine dragon? Why don’t I see it?” Nash’s expression was a little stiff. Upon thinking things through, however, he realized that this was the effect of the mythical beast’s blood.

This was an endless starry sky, and the vast galaxy shone dazzlingly beside Jackie. Among this starry sky, a several hundred-feet long dragon rose circled the sky. This gargantuan dragon did not look exactly the same as the divine dragon’s in Jackie’s impression. Although it also had the body of a snake and four legs, its scales were shining. The dragon seemed to be translucent, and there were times where its body dimmed down. It looked as if it would disappear at any time.

At this moment, a man in black clothes suddenly appeared some distance away. The man was also hidden among the starry sky. For some unknown reason, the black-clothed man suddenly roared toward the Ancient Eclipse Dragon. “All you can think of is escaping at times as crucial as this? Aren’t you ashamed when you claim that you’re from a purebred mythical beast’s bloodline?”

The Ancient Eclipse Dragon did not answer this person’s question and continued to hover in the starry sky. The lack of response from the Ancient Eclipse Dragon seemed to have angered the man in black, and he suddenly punched into the void, sneering as he did.


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