No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2122

Jackie did not want to participate in the event. Noel pursed his lips and said, “Elder Eleven is one of the formal elders, and this is his only disciple. This isn’t considered a big deal for our Dual Sovereign Pavilion. Our disciples understand what has happened among the formal elders, which is why everyone pays special attention to this matter. On top of that, all the other formal elders also pay high importance to this matter. Ten days from now, all the formal elders of the inner gate will also be at the gathering spot for roll call.”

Jackie’s lips twitched at this. Since all the formal elders would be there, he could not act like he was above the rules and excuse himself from the event. He raised his brows, and the dignified face of Elder Godfrey flashed through his mind. He was incredibly curious as to who Elder Godfrey would choose as his last disciple.

Although this had little to do with him, he did not wish for Elder Godfrey to accept Oliver as his last disciple. No matter what, Oliver was his enemy, and it was, of course, not a good thing for his enemy to become stronger.

Noel took another sip of his tea and said, “I’ll knock on your door in ten days’ time, and we can go together.”

Jackie nodded.

When Brook saw that Jackie was indeed not interested in the battles, he tugged at Noel’s sleeve and said,” Senior Brother Noel, since Senior Brother Jackie isn’t going to the wager battle arena, let’s go and have a look. Even runner disciples like us have put aside our work to observe the lively scene.”

Brook’s eyes shone brightly as he spoke, his excitement all too obvious.

Noel nodded as he, too, wanted to observe Oliver’s capabilities with his own eyes. The two of them came to an agreement and left for the wager battle arena after exchanging some words with Jackie.

After closing the door, Jackie calculated the time he had. Ten days was neither short nor long, and it should be enough for him to absorb the blood of the Ancient Eclipse Dragon.

He did not wish to waste any time. He was not in the mood to participate in the exciting event that had attracted the interest of all the sect’s members. To prevent others from disturbing him, Jackie asked

Nash to come out and keep an eye out for him.

After learning about Jackie’s plan, Nash patted Jackie’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, no one will disturb you on my watch. Still, this is the blood of a mythical beast. Are you confident that you can absorb it without possibly harming yourself?”

Nash had limited understanding of the mythical beast’s blood. He had heard about it, but he did not know how to absorb it. On the contrary, Jackie had a deeper understanding of the mythical beast’s blood. After all, the great master was from a first-class world, and only first-class worlds contained information about these mythical beasts. Hence, he knew a lot about them.

Jackie raised his head and shot Nash a comforting smile. “Don’t worry about me. Although this drop of mythical beast’s blood seems to be roaring with life now, it’s only acting out of instinct and won’t put me in much danger.”

Nash raised his brows and said worriedly, “Is that so? Why do I feel that this drop of blood from the mythical beast seems quite difficult to be dealt with? Will it gain control over you instead?”

Jackie shook his head. “No, that won’t happen. I may suffer while absorbing this, but there is no danger of a backlash.”

No longer in the mood to entertain questions, Jackie placed the crystal on the table. This crystal was made of a special material, and if Jackie did not have the memories of the great master, he might be hovering over the crystal at that moment.

Although the crystal contained the Ancient Eclipse Dragon’s blood, nothing could be done if the crystal could not be broken. Fortunately, Jackie had inherited the skills from the great master, and he knew how to break the crystal to retrieve the Ancient Eclipse Dragon’s blood. With a flip of his hand, a strand of pure true energy fell out of his body and flew into the crystal along his fingers. Then, the sound of mineral cracking was heard as cracks instantly appeared on the originally iron-like crystal.


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