No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2121

Noel guffawed in disbelief. “If it’s something that important, do you think that I’d still be able to sit here, enjoying tea while chit-chatting with you?”

That eventually clicked for Jackie; Noel made sense. However, what else could mess things up apart from this?

Noel did not wait for Jackie to ask as he instantly continued, “Didn’t I tell you before, that Elder Eleven is getting his one and only last disciple? The formal disciples are fighting among themselves because of this. Oliver even joined the wager battle arena with other formal disciples because of this. The wager battle arena is so lively that there’s no place to stand, seeing how jam-packed it is there. Do you want to go and take a look?”.

Jackie sighed hopelessly; he did not think that this was such an important matter. It was just a matter of gaining the final disciple, so what was so special? Although this final disciple would only affect where Elder Godfrey sided in the future, it would only affect the greatest issue the sect was facing. Was that not the problem the Corpse Pavilion caused?

Jackie shook his head without thinking twice. “To be honest, I’m not in the mood to take a look now, even if they’re fighting to the death. It’s all just fights among a handful of formal disciples.”

Brook’s and Noel’s mouths twitched at this. They exchanged looks and could not help but smiled bitterly before they looked at Jackie in a slightly helpless manner. Jackie was surprised when the two of them were looking at him in such a way.

Did he say something wrong?

Noel gave Jackie a thumbs-up and shook it in front of Jackie. “I have to admit that masters like you don’t have the same thoughts as useless morons like me. Mind you, everyone can barely focus on training

Cause we’re all too focused on these fights. You, on the other hand, don’t even care about the mess outside and only focus on your training. I admire your mentality.”

There was not even a hint of ridicule in Noel’s sincere last sentence. He was unable to achieve Jackie’s mentality of only focusing on what was important while ignoring the outside world. He was not the only one, however, as the clan brothers were also attracted by what was going on. Some of their junior brothers even came out of their retreat just to take a look at this matter.

Brook’s eyes widened, and he stretched his head forward as he said, “But this is related to who our future sect master will be. Are you not curious at All?

Jackie also poured himself a cup of tea and spoke as he drank the tea. “Can I control who the future sect master will be? I won’t join such events; it’s just a waste of my time.”

Noel laughed at this, so much so that his shoulders trembled. “You have such a good mentality, but you’ll be forced to join the event after a couple of days, even if you don’t wish to do so.”

Jackie looked up in a puzzling manner. “Why?”

Noel immediately informed Jackie about the latest order that came from the sect. Ten days later, Elder Godfrey would be announcing in front of the entire sect which disciple he would accept as his last disciple. Apart from the disciples who were in retreat, away for training, or the deacons, everyone else had to be at the gathering spot for roll call by seven in the morning.

Jackie spoke reluctantly, “Is it such a grand event? Everyone has to be there, apart from those in retreat and in training? It’s just one last disciple. What does this have to do with informal disciples like us? Isn’t It enough for us to know that there is such a person?”


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