No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2120

Thinking of this, Jackie remarked, “If I’m able to absorb this drop of heavenly blood, I’ll be able to improve my Divine Void Heavenly Path!”

The martial art technique that Jackie practiced was the Divine Void Heavenly Path, and it was all about control over the laws of space. This drop of blood from the Ancient Eclipse Dragon contained the talents and skills of the beast’s control over the laws of space. If he could absorb this drop of blood, his control over the laws of space would be improved!

Amid Jackie’s excitement, Nash suddenly chimed in,” Don’t you think that this is rather strange?”

Jackie raised his brows and looked at Nash, confused. Nash sighed softly before he explained, “The first item was the Scattered Soul Crystals, and now it’s the blood of the Ancient Eclipse Dragon that contained the laws of space. It feels like these two items were purposely prepared for you, and you just so happened to need them. Don’t you think that this is too coincidental?”

A look flashed past Jackie’s eyes, and he slightly nodded. It did seem coincidental, but this was not the coincidence Nash was talking about. He pointed to the words on the crystal. “I don’t think that this is what you think it is. Since the texts carved on this crystal are words only used in the Divine Void World, then this person might’ve come from that world. The martial art technique and martial skill I practice come from the Divine Void World. If that’s the case, I’m from the same clan as this person. It doesn’t seem like a coincidence that he has things that I need.”

Nash smiled bitterly and said, “How could I have forgotten about this? Since the words carved on the crystal are only used in the Divine Void World, this person must be somehow connected to that place. If that’s the case, this isn’t a coincidence, then. Does this also mean that the Ten Absolutes Trap Array under the Cliff of Sorrow also has some sort of connection with the Divine Void World?”

Jackie thought about it for some time and replied,” I’m not sure about that. However, I think that there must be a reason why this body appeared outside the Ten Absolutes Trap Array. If they’re connected after all, it’s definitely a huge mystery. I just wonder if this has anything to do with the great disaster that landed the Divine Void World…”

Nash stretched out his hand and placed the crystal containing the blood of the Ancient Eclipse Dragon into Jackie’s hands. “You can look into these things later, when you’ve grown stronger. Right now, you should focus on increasing your abilities.”

Jackie frowned as he tightened his grasp on the crystal in his palm and nodded. At this moment, a sudden knock appeared outside the door, accompanied by urgent-sounding voices.

“Senior Brother Jackie, are you there?” It was Brook.

Following that, Noel’s voice could also be heard coming from outside the door, “Where else can he be? Nowadays, he either stays in this small room of his or visits the Soul Hall. Since we didn’t see him at other places, he’s definitely inside. What’s he doing, though?”

Jackie chuckled as he stored the body and Nash back into the Mustard Seed. After he did that, he tidied the slightly scattered table before he opened the door.” What happened?”

Noel gestured with his chin. “Let’s talk inside.”

Jackie also understood that it was not convenient for them to talk in the open. He stepped aside and let both of them into his room. They had obviously familiarize themselves with Jackie’s room as they poured themselves some tea and sat down on the chairs in the room.

It was only after he sipped his tea that Noel began,” The situation is getting messed up outside, and you’re still relaxing in your room.”

His words caught Jackie’s attention. “What’s going on outside? Did somebody expose the matter regarding the Corpse Pavilion, and we’re asked to join the battlefield?”


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