No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2119

Nash frowned and also focused on the corpse’s right hand. He even raised the corpse’s right skeletal hand, and he could only see from the side that the right hand was holding onto a transparent crystal.

However, they had no idea what this transparent crystal was.

The father-son duo exchanged glances and reached out toward the deceased’s right hand, trying to pry off the fingers. They initially thought they would have to struggle in opening the fist, seeing how tightly balled it was, but both Jackie and Nash heard something cracking. It sounded like a mechanism had been activated when they gave it a try.

Startled, both men released the right skeletal hand. The hand fell on the table with a thud, and the tightly closed knuckles opened up, laying flat on the table. The crystal the hand was holding onto so tightly also appeared in front of Jackie and Nash.

This was a transparent crystal the size of a palm, and it encased a sort of glowing red liquid inside. The red liquid immediately attracted Jackie’s attention. He focused on the red liquid and noticed that the liquid seemed to be somewhat alive. The liquid was rushing around in the crystal and seemed to vehemently try and break free from the crystal’s restrictions. On top of that, there were several words carved on the crystal.

Jackie frowned and subconsciously caressed his chin a s he said, “It’s some runes or spells again.”

Unexpectedly, Jackie perked up and said, “These aren’t runes nor spells; this is a kind of text.”

Nash immediately looked at Jackie in surprise. “How do you know that this is a kind of text? Do you recognize it?”

Jackie nodded, and all sorts of emotions flashed through his eyes. He sighed softly before pointing at the words and said, “This is a text only found in the Divine Void World. As a first-grade world, the Divine Void World has its own civilization. Hence, the language and texts they use are different from ours. The words carved on the crystal are from the Divine Void World, and it roughly means that the red liquid in the crystal is a drop of blood from the Ancient Eclipse Dragon!”

Nash’s eyes widened in surprise. “This is dragon’s blood?”

Jackie nodded with a serious expression on his face.” This is dragon’s blood, no doubt. However, it isn’t The blood of a pure-breed dragon, but a branch of the dragon clan, the Ancient Eclipse Dragon. Regardless, this is the blood of a mythical beast!” declared Jackie, his voice seemingly quivering when he spoke.

Among the memories that the great master left him, there was an introduction of the dragon clan. The dragon clan was a huge race, and only pure-breeds were extremely strong. Some of the pure breeds even had strength comparable to the Divine Void World’s head of clans. The Ancient Eclipse Dragon could not be considered as pure breeds, but they inherited 90percent of the dragon clan’s blood. They were considered a stronger branch among the dragon clan and could be addressed as mythical beasts.

The blood of monster beasts with a high fighting prowess was considered valuable as they could increase a person’s strength and potential after absorption, let alone the blood of mythical beasts. A mythical beast’s blood not only contained a huge amount of true energy, but it also contained the beast’s talents and skills. Every mythical beast had their exclusive talents and skills. He remembered that the Ancient Eclipse Dragon’s talents and skills were its control in the laws of space.


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