No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2118

Jackie paused before he continued, “Apart from that, I don’t think we’d be able to hide such things, and it’s not a big deal even if I tell anyone about it. Would Elder Godfrey help me when I’m in trouble? Would I support him and influence the situation in the sect? As an informal disciple, I’m unimportant to these high-status people. Naturally, they won’t involve me because of their grudges with Elder Godfrey.”

Nash nodded slightly at that; Jackie did make sense. Despite his ever-present worry-one that had dwindled, at least—he changed the topic, not wanting to stick around with the previous topic. ” Didn’t you tell me that you saw a corpse after you came out of the Ten Absolutes Trap Array?”

This instantly reminded Jackie of the corpse he saw. Since they were back in the sect, they were considered in a safe area. He had closed the door, and nobody would know what was going on if he took the body out at this moment. Jackie performed several runes with his hands, and the Mustard Seed was once again opened. He then took the body out of the Mustard Seed and placed it on the table in front of him.

This body was the same height as Jackie, but it was different from the usual corpses they saw. There were many hideous, weird-looking runes carved on the white bones. Jackie wondered what these runes were for, and who this person was.

Nash gasped softly, obviously surprised by this body covered in runes. He fell into deep thought before he asked, “There aren’t any space rings on this body?”

The space ring was the most common storage item In the Hestia Continent, and great masters usually would have one for themselves. However, the space ring would also fall apart due to the instability of its internal structure as time went on, and there was not any support from a person’s true energy.

However, this body did not look like a commoner, and he might even be a master from outside the Hestia Continent. If that was the case, his space ring should be at a much higher level compared to normal masters, and the internal space should not have fallen apart, even though many years have passed.

Jackie shook his head. From the moment he saw this body, he had been subconsciously looking for the space ring on the body. However, only the Scattered Soul Crystals on the floor were seen apart from the green clothes this person had on,

Nash could not help but lament, “There isn’t any space ring? That’s weird. There might be one, but somebody might’ve taken it away.”

After all, every master would have a space ring with them unless the space ring had fallen apart as time passed by. However, there would still be a hint of its existence, such as fragments of the broken ring, even though the space had fallen apart and it could no longer be used. However, Nash was even more puzzled when he heard from Jackie that not a hint of its existence could be seen.

Jackie slightly waved his hand. “Let’s not dwell in this; let’s move on. On top of that, the appearance of this body outside the Ten Absolutes Trap Array is a questionable matter. Since we don’t know what happened, we shouldn’t think about it right now.”

Nash nodded and said helplessly, “The value of this body is only the runes carved on the bones. Still, do you understand it?”

Jackie shook his head instantly. “Although the great master left me many precious memories, I’m still unable to understand these runes.”

Nash smiled bitterly and remarked, “Then, this body is useless to us right now. We might be able to unlock this secret in the future, but right now.”

Jackie waved his hand and interrupted his father before Nash managed to finish. He then stretched out his hand to point at the right hand of this corpse.

The corpse’s right hand was curled into a tight fist. Surprisingly, the knuckles on this corpse’s right hand were thick and huge for unknown reasons two to three times thicker than the bones of a normal person’s fingers. They were so thick that Jackie could not see what this person held so tightly in his hands, despite zoning in.


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