No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2117

“Which of the elders do you think will accept disciples who are good at flattery? There are tons of disciples who like to flatter the elders, so is there a need to accept them as elder disciples? If he likes to listen to flattering words that much, I can instantly give up my position here and wait for him at his door every day to tell him a hundred flattering sentences, different every time.”

Zayn guffawed at this, and even Jackie could not fight the faint smile that crept onto his face. However, Noel was indifferent toward their reactions.

On the way back to his room, Jackie was still thinking of what they had discussed. He was certain that Elder Godfrey had his own plans for suddenly announcing his intention of getting his last disciple at this moment. He did not believe that Elder Godfrey was able to forget his near-death experience at Mount Beasts.

People at Elder Godfrey’s position were extremely hateful of injustice and they would not repay grievances with virtue. It was possible that he had other intentions, too. As Jackie’s thoughts migrated to this issue, he started to speculate about the person who framed Elder Godfrey before. However, he did not know much at this moment and could only review the suspect list before shaking his head.

The matter was placed aside for the time being.

It did not matter who planned to get a last disciple; it had nothing to do with him. What he needed to focus on was his fighting prowess. After Jackie returned to his room, he let Nash out for some fresh air after he closed the door. At that moment, Jackie had not yet stabilized his position in the Hestia Continent. Hence, he did not let all his family out of the Mustard Seed. They could only hide inside and focus on training.

He planned on spending six months to handle these intricate relationships and find a safe place so that the others can come out of the Mustard Seed’s confined space to explore this area.

Nash pulled a chair over and started to ask about what happened before he managed to sit down. To prevent his father from getting overly worried, Jackie gave him a brief summary of everything he knew. Nash sighed softly after he heard what Jackie said.” This is definitely a world that follows the law of the jungle, and fights can be seen everywhere. Public morality isn’t what it used to be, so you have to be extremely careful.”

Jackie nodded. He was about to say something to comfort his father when Nash continued, “I don’t agree with you sharing this with Noel and that runner disciple, Brook. Although they’re your acquaintances, we can’t be sure that others won’t inquire about your news through them. If they sell news about you to others, won’t others plot against you?”

Jackie had already thought this through. He also pulled a chair over and sat down before speaking in a hushed tone, “To be honest, I didn’t tell them everything, and I only informed them about things they need to know. They’d only grow suspicious of me if I don’t say anything. After all, I can only obtain information from the two of them. If I didn’t say anything and only asked for information, they’d grow even more suspicious of my relationship with Elder Godfrey. It’s better to make up an excuse and let them have that. Apart from that, I don’t think that they’re capable of investigating my relationship with Elder Godfrey.”

After all, the two of them met at the edges of Mount Beasts. Apart from Jed and the others from Thousand Leaves Pavilion, nobody else knew what they experienced there.


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