No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2116

As this matter caused such a big sensation, many formal disciples were eager to give it a try. Noel’s lips twisted into a helpless, envious smile. “We informal disciples can only observe the scene; chances like these won’t ever happen to us. Still, I feel that everybody can be Elder Eleven’s final disciple, apart from Oliver.”

After having said this, Noel stared at Jackie for a considerable time, and Jackie understood what he meant. As Wesley’s full brother, Oliver would definitely hate Jackie, seeing as deep grievances ran between him and Wesley. Jackie might be the first person he would go after the moment he achieved great feats.

Jackie chuckled and said, “I believe that Elder Godfrey is a wise person. He won’t be somebody else’s pawn for unknown reasons and hand over all his belongings to outsiders.”

Zayn frowned as he obviously did not understand what Jackie meant by what he said. However, Noel’s eyes lit up as he sipped his tea, pretending that he did not care. “You have a point there, but there aren’t any guarantees that something won’t go wrong. It’s best to be prepared so that we won’t be overwhelmed by then.”

Jackie nodded. He knew that Noel was reminding him that they should be prepared for trouble, seeing as he had a massive conflict with Wesley before. However, Jackie was not afraid. After all, he was not useless, and this pressure would become his motivation

Noel was stunned when noticed how Jackie’s expression did not falter, even after he had mentioned the concerns. “You have quite an impressive mentality.”

Jackie raised his brows. “This has nothing to do with my mentality. Even if I worry about such matters every day, I can’t stop whatever that’s going to happen. If so, why don’t I focus my attention on training and work hard to increase my fighting prowess so that I can deal with anything thrown at me next?”

Jackie enunciated every word when he spoke and with a clear mind. The more he acted like this, the more Noel felt envious of people like Jackie. Jackie’s confidence did not appear out of nowhere. Instead, it came from his talents, which would support him constantly. Compared to Jackie, he was a common person.

Still, he understood that it was unfair to compare two people, so he changed the subject of the conversation back to how Elder Eleven was recruiting an elder disciple

He sighed softly and said in a relaxed manner, “Elder Eleven mentioned that his disciple has to be able to satisfy all his requirements.”

Zayn was slightly puzzled and asked, “What does he mean, satisfying all his requirements? I remembered that Elder Eleven didn’t mention the conditions of his satisfaction.”

Noel sneered; he was obviously mocking Zayn’s intellect. “Can’t you understand what he’s trying to say? Which of our formal elders don’t try their hardest to have an unpredictable image? They’d never voice out their intentions straightforwardly. Instead, the disciples would need to guess the hidden agenda behind their words. The intention behind what he said is quite clear. Doesn’t satisfying all his requirements mean that this person has to be excellent in everything? Elder Godfrey has to be satisfied with this person’s talents, temperament, and looks!

Zayn’s expression visibly shifted, showing his realization. His frown slowly disappeared as he smacked his thigh. “So that’s what it is. I thought that Elder Eleven’s requirement is for his disciple to flatter him. If that’s all he needs, I can do it, too!”

Noel could not help but roll his eyes when he heard what Zayn said. In the end, he refused to even look at Zayn.


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