No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2115

Zayn did not know about the issue between Jackie and Elder Godfrey. Hence, he spoke in a slightly curious manner, “I feel that Elder Godfrey has let things go. In the past, he had been focused on training. Now, he feels that his life will be too boring if he only focuses on training. It’s surely not as rewarding as getting a disciple and teaching that person everything he knows.”

Noel rolled his eyes at Zayn. “Hey, can you stop guessing what the elder has on their mind with your own thoughts? After all, they might have their own agendas.”

Zayn laughed dryly. “You are right. Right now, Elder Godfrey has become one of the formal elders, and based on our rules, we should address him as Elder Eleven.”

They normally would not address their formal elders with their surnames. Instead, they address them based on their ranking. Right now, Elder Godfrey was in eleventh place so they should address him as Elder Eleven.

Jackie was lost in a daze for some time before he suddenly asked. “What about Wesley’s support, Elder Sayer? What’s his ranking? Why do you guys address him as Elder Sayer instead of following his ranking?”

Zayn obviously liked showing his knowledge so he rushed to convey the information to Jackie at this moment. “Elder Sayer is in the eighth place and according to the rules, we should address him as Elder Eight. However, Elder Sayer disliked this name for unknown reasons and he really hated when others addressed him as Elder Eight. Hence, everybody addresses him as Elder Sayer in order to not offend him.”

Jackie could not help but raise his eyebrows when he heard this. He never expected Elder Sayer to be in the eighth place and that meant that he was quite strong. No wonder Wesley was so arrogant. With Elder Sayer as his support, he had the capital to be confident. Jackie sighed and continued to ask, “Who’s Wesley’s brother? Why haven’t I heard about him before this?”

Zayn quickly answered the question. “The Sayer family has a flourishing population and it’s only natural for their family to have more than one Wesley Sayer. Wesley’s full elder brother, Oliver Sayer, is one of our formal disciples. Based on common practice, Oliver should have become Elder Sayer’s chosen disciple. However, he had become a formal disciple for six months but he hadn’t become a chosen disciple for unknown reasons. You do not know about him because he was not in the sect during these few months as he had gone out to complete his mission.”

Since Oliver was Wesley’s full brother, their relationship should be quite close. Based on Wesley’s temperament, he would definitely complain without holding back and describe Jackie as a heinous person. It was possible that Oliver would take this opportunity to cause Jackie some trouble. Jackie could not help but rub his temple. “How strong is Oliver?”

Noel replied, “He’s in the final stage of innate level and is quite strong. I heard that there’s a huge possibility that he will fight for the position of the chosen disciple.”

A question appeared in Jackie’s head. “Is it possible that he never became Elder Sayer’s disciple because he wants to fight for the position of the chosen disciple?”

Noel was stunned after he heard this. “It looks like you don’t even have common knowledge about this. Even if a disciple is accepted to be an elder disciple, he or she can still become a chosen disciple as long as they have the capability to be in the top ten among all disciples. There isn’t any conflict between these two.”

Jackie had some realization after he heard this. If that was the case, Oliver’s actions were unexplainable. Was it possible that Elder Sayer did not accept Oliver as his elder disciple because he did not value Oliver?

Noel spoke as he immediately knew what Jackie was thinking about when he saw Jackie’s expression. “It’s not what you think. Elder Sayer values Oliver and he personally trained Oliver for a period of time previously. We also wonder why he did not accept Oliver as his disciple. In the beginning, we even discussed this matter for several days. However, nobody could figure out Elder Sayer’s thoughts and the matter was dropped.”


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