No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2114

The array opened with a ‘cracking’ sound and waves of soul-shockwave rushed toward Jackie without holding back. Jackie inhaled deeply and started meditating. He kept performing the seals with his hands and the remaining power from the Shattered Soul Crystal sealed in his body was activated.

It was much easier to form soul swords under the support of the remaining power from the Shattered Soul Crystal. Ten days passed within the blink of an eye and Jackie successfully formed five more soul swords after using the last bit of remaining power from the Shattered Soul Crystal. This meant that Jackie was capable of forming 15 soul swords to carry out attacks during fights. There was no need for them to fight for such a long period of time and Robin would be killed by Jackie with a single attack if he bumped into Robin right now.

Jackie exhaled deeply and decided to stop training. After all, an actual fight was the only criterion for a person’s combat power and he planned to carry out two wager battles after he left the array. The Array Eye Door opened and Jackie walked out of it, step by step.

He had just returned to the real world when he heard Noel hump up coldly and spoke in a mindless manner. “What does this have to do with me? I’m not going. Even Wesley is just following his brother’s lead. What can I do?”

Zayn, who was sitting beside Noel, seemed to be very excited. “I feel like we cannot say everything for sure. What if he really likes you…”

Noel rolled his eyes at Zayn and grabbed Zayn’s clothes to put some distance between them as a disgusting look appeared on his face. “Hey, have you been eating a lot of spirited herbs recently and have forgotten your common knowledge? Which chosen disciple isn’t hand-picked from the formal disciples?”

The heated discussion grew between those two that none of them realized the Array Eye Door had opened and Jackie had exited the array. Jackie walked toward them curiously when he heard what they were discussing. “Who really likes who? Wesley has a brother?”

The sudden interruption shocked the duo in discussion and Zayn almost jumped up from his seat. Noel frowned and spoke with a twisted expression on his face. “Jackie, are you a cat? You don’t even make a sound when you walk out. Are you trying to scare us to our deaths?”

Jackie shrugged his shoulders helplessly. “You guys did not hear the loud sound when the Array Eye Door opened and you blame me for not making a sound when the two of you were so focused on your discussion. Alright, let’s not hover over these useless matters. Please let me know first, what were you talking about? Does Wesley have a brother?”

Noel pulled a chair next to him and asked Jackie to sit. Jackie did not reject the gesture and poured himself a cup of tea after sitting down. As of then, Noel had already assumed Jackie as his close friend and started telling everything he knew. After Jackie heard the entire story, he spoke with a stiff expression on his face. “You mean that Elder Godfrey is getting a disciple and this will be his only chosen disciple?”

Noel nodded and glanced at Jackie with a meaningful look in his eyes. As runner disciple Zayn was still by their side, he could not point things out frankly.” That’s right, I was also surprised by this. I remembered Elder Godfrey once said that he would not take any disciples. I wonder why the sudden change of mind right now.”

Jackie took a deep inhale but said nothing as all sorts o f thoughts were running in his mind.


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