No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2113

Then there was also the fact that he accidentally stumbled upon these monsters in the acquire level monster area, where they were not known to be active. He now knew that the innate level monsters had no choice but to escape to the periphery of the mountain because their usual area had been occupied by the Corpse Pavilion.

Jackie laughed dryly and said, “I guess I’m just lucky… or maybe I’m really that strong. Haha.”

Brook became a little speechless at him. “Gah! It frustrates me to compare myself to you. I will definitely not go to the mountain alone! That would be akin to looking for death! I still can’t believe you single-handedly killed all these monsters. By my rough estimation, you’ll get at least four hundred contribution points for these!”

Brook’s estimation was right. In total, Jackie received four hundred and thirty contribution points, more than what he imagined. The points should last him quite a while if he used them wisely. After all, he did not have to use it in the Martial Art Techniques and Martial Skills Hall or consultation with the elders, so to him, these contribution points were ample enough.

In the evening, Jackie went to the Soul Hall. It just so happened that Noel was also on duty tonight. After seeing Jackie walking in, Noel raised his eyebrows in surprise, poured some tea for him, and said a little unhappily, “Aren’t you working a little too hard? It hasn’t even been a day since you came back from Mount Beasts. You’re making me look really bad, you know.”

Jackie chuckled and said, “It’s not that I want to be this hard working. It’s just that I’m afraid I won’t be strong enough to handle whatever may come in the future.”

After thinking about it carefully, Noel felt that what Jackie said was right. After all, in critical times like these, training to become more powerful was like putting insurance on one’s own life.

Noel took out the array board matter-of-factly. “The same difficulty as last time?”

Jackie shook his head and said, “Increase the difficulty to level five this time.”

Upon hearing this, Noel was not even surprised. He simply nodded, in his heart, he had already assigned Jackie to the ranks of monsters. He would not even be surprised if Jackie asked him for the maximum difficulty level.

“For the sake of my mental wellbeing, I’m going to stop comparing myself to you…” muttered Noel to himself. His hands never stopped adjusting the runes on the array board and immediately a white light flashed, signaling that the difficulty level had been increased. Without even lifting his head, Noel pointed at the Array Eye Door and said, “You can go in now.”

Jackie nodded and entered the Array Eye Door. Once he was in, he felt the familiar feeling as the darkness enveloped him. It was as if everything was being swallowed and even time and life had lost their meaning there.


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