No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2112

As Noel mentioned, if this secret resource place was quite precious, the Thousand Leaves Pavilion would definitely not allow two third-grade Clan associations to compete for it; they would definitely take it for its own!

Brook cut in at this moment, “Maybe they discovered something very valuable in the secret resource place and the news reached the ears of the Corpse Pavilion. That’s why they’ve spared no expense to come here to get it for themselves.”

Noel nodded. It was logical, what Brook said, but then he asked, “Then why would the Thousand Leaves Pavilion not do anything about them? According to Brother Jackie, the trap array around Mount Beasts had been there for more than ten days!

“No one, apart from Brother Jackie, came out in those ten days. Anyone with a little bit of a brain would have figured out something was not right and sent someone to investigate the matter. They’re bound to discover something if they do that.

It’s not something that could be easily missed so how is it that the Thousand Leaves Pavilion and our Dual Sovereign Pavilion did not do anything? Don’t you find this weird? What are they planning exactly?”

Both Jackie and Brooke were struck dumb by his questions. It looked like they would not be able to figure out what was going on unless they had more information. This and all the other questions knocked against their skulls repeatedly.

Jackie’s brain began to hurt and he threw his hands up in surrender. “We shouldn’t torture ourselves, trying to figure things out with little information we have. Things will become crystal clear if we give it a little more time. Besides, the truth will always prevail. In the meantime, we just need to pay more attention to our surroundings.”

They chatted for a bit longer. Noel was on duty that day so he left first. Brook was about to leave when Jackie requested him to go to the Seven Stars Hall on his behalf to exchange the loot he got from Mount Beasts for some contribution points.

Jackie placed the corpse and spirited core of the Frost Wolf, as well as the corpses and spirited cores of the other monsters he had hunted, on the table with a bang. The scent of metallic blood instantly filled the room.

Brook’s eyes widened and he pointed a trembling finger at the corpses. “Oh my god, these are all innate level monsters! You’re really amazing to have single-handedly killed so many.”

Jackie furrowed with confusion. ‘Why is he so shocked? He had seen what I can do in the wager battle arena, right? Therefore, isn’t it normal that I would be able to kill a few innate level monsters?’

Jackie’s confusion must be really obvious as Brook immediately knew what he was thinking about. The corner of his lips lifted and he said, “The disciples usually go in groups when hunting in Mount Beasts. It’s not because they want to but it’s because they have to since it’s so dangerous there, especially if you come face-to-face with a herd of monsters.

“At that time, you not only have to fight against the monster in front of you but you also have to keep an eye out for the other monsters. That’s where having a teammate would come in handy. Not to mention, only those who are extremely strong would dare to step into the areas where the innate level monsters are active.”

Jackie finally understood why Brook was shocked by the corpses but Jackie really did not think this much when he was hunting the monsters. The only thought he had was to kill the monsters and get the hell out of there as soon as possible.


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