No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2111

Noel stared speechlessly at Jackie before rolling his eyes at him. “Do you hear yourself? Going to war against the Muddled Origin Clan and going to war against the Corpse Pavilion is totally different, okay? One is on par with us and the other is a fourth-grade Clan association! By then, it’s not up to us to say whether we want to go to the battlefield because they will force us to go for sure!”

Jackie arched his eyebrow and said defensively, “It’s not as if the Corpse Pavilion is specifically targeting us! There’ll be other Clan associations fighting against them too. Besides, their target is to get rid of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion first, meaning they would be the main force in this matter while we’ll only act as supporters.”

Noel shrugged his shoulders helplessly but his lips were pressed in a tight line. “You’re more naïve than I thought. Yes, the Thousand Leaves Pavilion would be the main force but do you think they would sacrifice their disciples to protect us? Don’t be surprised if they treat us like pawns. Whatever happens, we’ll be the unlucky ones. As an informal disciple, I might not be of great help in the war but it doesn’t mean I can defy orders if I was sent as cannon fodder.”

A dry, bitter feeling spread from Noel’s mouth to his entire body, making him feel deathly uncomfortable. Jackie arched his eyebrow and patted him on the shoulder. It was not as if he did not understand Noel’s feelings.

“The war hasn’t started yet. I told you all these so that you can mentally prepare yourself. When the time comes, you alone can choose the path that is best for you,” said Jackie.

Noel did not know whether to laugh or cry when he heard this. He shrugged his shoulders and said, “You’re right. But what can I do? How can I turn my back on my own Clan association in times of need? I might as well give up my identity as an informal disciple and be branded as a coward.”

Brook sighed. As a runner disciple, his presence was usually not needed on the battlefield but even so, there was a high chance he would be sent there if the Clan association became desperate. Then, he would be nothing but cannon fodder. Thinking about this made him feel like he had been thrown into quicksand, the more he struggled, the quicker his death would be.

Noel slammed down his teacup angrily on the table. His eyes were filled with outrage. “What the hell are those bastards from the Corpse Pavilion thinking? Why break the peace now? Isn’t it enough for them to rule the south? Why do they have to come here to make trouble?”

“There’s no need to be confused and there’s no need to question their intelligence. There must be a reason for them to go through all this effort and my guess is, it has something to do with the secret resource place,” said Jackie, a little down.

Then, he suddenly jerked his head up and solemnly asked, “What do the two of you know about the secret resource place? We need to exchange all the information we have so that we can figure out why the Corpse Pavilion is going through all this length and why the Thousand Leaves Pavilion isn’t doing anything about them.”

Noel furrowed his brow and gave it some thought before answering, “Actually, I have no idea what. I’ve only heard that the secret resource place has a lot of treasures and resources and both the Dual Sovereign Pavilion and the Muddled Origin Clan want to claim the place for themselves. Hence, the war. But presumably, those things should not be very precious, otherwise, why would the Thousand Leaves Pavilion not claim it for themselves?”

As the ruler of the north of West Cercei State, the Thousand Leaves Pavilion not only had a strong influence but also occupied most of the resources, so that they could continue to grow and prosper.


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